herbicide overspray experience?

ala8southJuly 21, 2007

Help! An ag sprayer flew over spraying the field directly behind my house yesterday around noon. There was a light breeze blowing toward our property. By yesterday afternoon I had noticed some weeds in my yard were dying (ones I had sprayed Roundup on that morning....but failed to notice that ones I hadn't sprayed were also dying. This morning I find that probably 70% of the plants in my yard have white spots on them, with only certain varieties affected....and the plants in the field that were sprayed are already brown and obviously dying. There were no spots on my plants 2 days ago...I had specifically noticed this. Doesn't take a scientist to figure this one out, does it?

We had a pretty good drenching rain last night. Do I have any hope that that rain will have washed enough of the spray off to save my plants? Anything more I can do for them? Anyone had experience with this?

It gripes me enough because the garden view is largely intended to delight my elderly mother who lives with me. But a neighbor a few doors up is in danger of losing her vision to a health problem. They too have lots of garden plants. I would hate to think of their stuff dying, and this being her last opportunity to enjoy flowers, you know? Thing that really gets me is that the field was hideous looking to begin with...can't imagine there were enough peanuts out there to bother spraying!

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Well, as of this morning every single plant in the yard, including the grass, has spots on them. It just makes me heart sick!

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Hi, I was just passing thru (love to read about gardening in other southern areas!), but this is awful.

I'd start by calling the nearest EPA:
I think crop dusters & other sprayers are regulated now & can be fined for destroying other people's gardens & environment.

Several years ago in Texas, a woman lost several horses when a cropduster sprayed them, & I think she got results (maybe reimbursement?) when she went to the regulatory agency.

Take lots of photos, & keep drenching with water.

Best luck.

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Thanks. Actually we have started with the local extension office, who have put us in contact with a state guy. They will be coming out to do some testing. I especially need to know what it was that was sprayed. The local nursery folks tell me that will determine how to proceed with the garden. With some sprays it will be just wait awhile and plant, I understand. But for others, it will require the need to remove all the plant debris and mulch before planting. Don't want to think about that one! And yeah, you were right. They said to be sure the plants stay WELL watered to avoid the plants becoming stressed further.

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