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lnbeemJuly 23, 2007

I am brand new at gardening and have just moved to Alabama. Can anyone help me with what flowers, flowering bushes ect grow best in this area. The woman who lived here before left behind some flowers but I cannot figure out what is a flower/plant and what are weeds so we are ripping everything out and I would love to start again. There is tons of sun, little shade and almost no rain. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

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Post some pics and alot of people in this forum will be able to help you. You can tell alot of a plant by just the leaves.

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What you can grow is going to depend on where you live in the state. As Jill said, it would help if you could post pictures, or at the very least try to give some description of what is there. If you can contact the woman who lived there, she'd likely be happy to tell you what you are working with. Or maybe a neighbor might know. I'd definitely try to find out. Putting in stuff can get real expensive. And starting from scratch this time of year can be iffy. You are going to have to do LOTS of watering to get stuff up and growing now. Do let us know where you live so we can make some good recommendations of reliable stuff to grow. We want your first gardening experience to be a happy and successful one!

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Check with your County Agent and see when the next Master Gardener session starts. This is an excellent way to get an all-around knowledge of gardening that suits your area. Linda

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

It's almost always a mistake to rip out things until you know for sure what they are. Plants can be identified right here if you can manage to post some images for us.

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