Mystery Squash????

zelenkabachJuly 20, 2014

Last year I ordered Tromboncino squash seeds from a seller on Ebay to try to get a squash that was insect resistant. Trombonicino are really long and supposedly a little sweeter than zucchini. I planted the seeds but the squash that grew from those seeds was not a true tromboncino squash, but rather some sort of hybrid between the trombonicino and another squash, my guess was butternut or calabash�something like that. It did grow very vigorously and was resistant to insects, but I didn't care for the taste.

I notified the Ebay seller that his seeds were not growing true to what was advertised and he refunded me the money. I threw the MANY squash that I grew on the compost pile and didn't think anymore of it.

Fast forward to this year and those composted squash have grown like wildfire in the compost pile. At first I thought it was interesting and I am grateful that it is camouflaging my compost pile, but it is outgrowing that space and I am wondering what to do next.

Again I have prolific crop of "mystery" squash but when I have cooked them (roasted, deep fried, baked) I don't care for the taste. I think it is kind of a winter squash, so it cooks up dry.

My question is, what should I do next? I hate to yank out this plant because it is covering my compost area COMPLETELY and making its way over to my neighbor. I also have a big crop of squash and squash blossoms but I haven't found an appetizing way to cook it. It is fun to watch grow.

If I yank it out, my ugly compost pile will be revealed and as touchy as zucchini are to grow, I hate to lose a successful squash plant that is obviously VERY happy. However, is this sucking the nutrients out of the compost pile?

One thing I haven't tried is cooking the squash when it is really small, that might be more appetizing. It isn't bitter, just starchy and bland.

Any recommendations? Good recipes? I did purchase other trombonicino seeds from a reputable seed company and that is growing in another area of the garden.

Should it live or should I yank it? I will post a second message with the picture of the actual squash...

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It's a cross of something and something and maybe something else. It's edible but may not be palatable no matter how you cook it. You can also eat the blossoms (very tasty) and cook the young shoots, which are common in some Asian cuisines. Technically the whole plant is edible but AFAIK no one eats the tough old vines.

The difference between summer and winter squash is mostly one of maturity. Zucchini can be eaten at giant hard baseball bat size and pumpkins can be eaten young. Most of us just prefer the taste and texture the other way around.

Generally speaking, it's best to destroy squash vines instead of composting them. Squash bugs and squash fungal diseases love to overwinter in squash vines on a compost pile.

If you don't want to go that route and want to keep the compost pile hidden, just trim the vines that are growing too far. The plants probably won't even notice. :)

I always have stuff growing out of my compost pile, especially squash since that's where the squash guys get tossed. If it's good, I eat it, if not, I kill it.

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My two cents: I love the looks of the vine. I would let it grow. I don't think the squash will ever be eatable. Most of my plants are planted because I like their looks. I find I can grow plants I like the looks of and sale enough of them to buy all my food. I do like to grow some things to eat.
You are lucky, a pretty vine and it is covering an area who's looks you don't like.

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