Fall Swap 2013

elsnow(7a and 8a)July 15, 2013

I'm new here; can someone provide more info on the Fall Swap?


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Hi elsnow,

First, "the swap" is something you should plan on attending, something you will enjoy, and something you'll want to become a part of, believe me!

It happens twice a year - usually the first or second weekend of May and again on or around the first weekend of October, both prime planting times for newly aquired plants.

We each bring something to trade, usually plants and/or gardening "stuff", but it isn't confined to that. Read our exchange pages and you will see that we are open to trading almost anything, including our mothers!

Everybody has something to trade - just bring it and someone will take it. It's like a yard sale without the "sale". And, you almost always leave with more than you planned on, and you ALWAYS leave with a new friend or two. A TIP: it is always best to make trades in advance by contacting the individual trader by e-mail via GW. That way each of us will know what to expect. You'll do fine either way!

We usually start "setting up" around 10:00, trade until noon, then break for lunch. The rest of the afternoon is spent doing more trading, talking garden stuff (or whatever) until sundown or until you're ready to go home - the pavilion is ours until sundown. If you haven't been to Oak Mtn. State Park, there are tons of activities. Look it up!

We do ask that everyone bring a "covered dish" and contribute to pavilion rental, which is usually around $2.00 each. What you leave with in terms of plants, knowledge and friendship is immeasurable.

I guarantee you will feel at home, enjoy the day, and want to come back. I hope to see you there. I usually make nametags for everyone, so please let me know if you plan on attending and I'll make as many as you need.

What advice do others have to offer a new member?

Your GW friend,


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Welcome, We have some of the best gardeners, anywhere. We have Master Gardeners, collectors, English Gardeners, formal gardeners, beginners and us old folks.
I would say one of the most important things is to post what you have to trade on your plant page. Make sure to post what you are wanting on your plants wanted page.
I post a lots of plants that I will have available to trade. If they are not asked for, I might not bring them to the swap.
I do bring extra plants to trade at the swap.
Try it, you will like it.


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elsnow(7a and 8a)

Thanks, Nelson and Tony! I'll be watching for the date. I often have to work on Saturday mornings, but if I plan ahead I can make it work.

We are working on the grounds of a 100 year-old farmhouse on Lookout Mtn. and have found lots of things here that we may be able to share.

Thanks again for your warm welcome!


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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Thanks for posting this. It's a little too far for me, but sounds like a great thing, a great time. Hope everyone has a great swap!!

Oak Mountain State Park.

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I would like to come this year :) I have plants I'm digging from a house we just moved from...I used to know the names of all this...my son passed away 5 years ago and I sort of curled up and have up. He was five. We moved to the home where i was raised as a girl...I've "woke up" a bit from my depression and found my love of plants again...makes me very sad that I allowed heirloom plants to fade away but I can do nothing about it now. My gran would just be happy that I'm feeling better :)
I DO know I have a patch of Hellabore that went nuts...I l know there's cast iron back there but one variety is looking sick?? I'm thinking there's 3 types...one spreads faster, all three form dense clumps...all three have diff leaves. ONE may very well NOT be cast iron but I can't identify it....out up what I "thought" would be blooms but only grew to the length of a finger...looks like a miniture pineapple and then I dug...I may have stunted the blooms IF it were about to...(an u have pineapple lily...this isn't it...no shares of pineapple lily, mine has grown SLOW. Only ONE spate plant after 6 years of being in te ground! Total 2 bloom stalks...I've not examined the roots:bulb? I jhr dug deep and potted it. No shock, kept blooming

I'm going to dig some today...it's been so long since I worked in that back yard...wen I planted that iron plant you couldn't even SEE it...now it's like a wall lol. I have some stuff I just can't "name"...I may have some Solomon seal...I think I dug all of my trillium in time...if not the folks who buy the house will probably never appreciate it when it comes up or think it a weed :/ This was or backyard and on a hill...it's covered nearly over with about 6 types of ivy. (Can bring lots of that lmbo). I will have pots of creeping Jenny....need to dig an let the pots root in. Hmmm....I have king humbart canna but I believe everyone else does too ;)
Some iris that are SUPER tall and were brought to my from my aunt in Florida. I am NOT a fan...invasive! They bloom a beautiful yellow but it seem every time I dig these to clean the bed? They come back with a vengeance the next year SO. I will dig em, if you want them shall be yours with a warning lable lol. Have some common purple iris...i have some triple day lily...I know the name but its on the tip of my tongue Common around here. (I have both the ditch lily and triple in orange).
I have many other plants but they are my established from the move....maybe they can be brought to the spring swap 2014.
Anywho. I will be watching. I mostly lurk....I don't have a lot of offer right now so I read and smile till I do :)

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madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)

Tess, just bring what you can and prepare to meet some nice people! I see you like cacti and succulents - three of us are also into succulents to some degree (Plantman, Nelson and myself). And gardening is great therapy - I have used it for that purpose myself.

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ginger_s(Z7 AL)

Do we need to sign up or anything? I *might* have some plants, I'm not sure. The lady who packed up my house emptied all of my plants into a big pile. My son and his friends saw some plants and picked out as many as they could.

I've potted them up and most seem to be doing well but some are small. We'll see what I have.

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madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)

No sign-up, just show up with plants to swap. About two weeks before the swap we will start discussing who is going to bring what to the potluck - we usually grill burgers and hot dogs, with people bring salads and deserts, etc. - in other words,a picnic/cookout.

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See what you have, bring what you can, but plan on attending and enjoying the day. You won't be disappointed. Promise!


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debaz1(Phx, AZ)

I cannot WAIT to move back to Bama so I can attend this swap... gotta question: is this mainly for garden/outside plants, or do you also swap houseplants? how about seeds? I will be bringing a bunch of seeds back with me if anyone is interested in them. most will not overwinter outside in Bama, they are desert adapted trees/plants, probably good down to 30 degrees or a little colder, but could certainly be grown in pots and moved inside during cold weather, or in a sheltered area and mulched. I don't want to gather all these seeds if no one would want them... will be moving back to Bama in six years, after retirement.

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Debbie, the swap is for any type of plants, and seeds. I for one, would love some of the different seeds of Az. Plants also. This year, I have had several trades with trader from Az. I am always looking for plant that might make it in my Birmingham garden. I have plant I got from Calif., South America, Canada and lots of western states. Myself and others are always trying to grow plants not listed for our zone. I also grow House Plants, have lots. Without them I would be bats in winter. Looking forward to your moving to Al. and bring your Az. plants, cutting, house plants and seeds.

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thanks for the reply, Tony. I tried to change my profile but it didn't work, so i'm under a new account now. i'll bring plenty of EVERYTHING. lol i'm totally excited about g this swap..even though it will be several years away. gonna be SO MUCH FUN... we'll drag the RV down there and camp for the weekend. Really looking forward to meeting plant enthusiasts from the area.

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madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)

Deb, let me heartily echo Plantman's positive response in regard to desert plants and houseplants! If you get a chance to bring agave seeds, or such plants as sotol, so much the better!!!

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Dear Debbie,

Hurry up and retire, and get back to Sweet Home Alabama!

We now have reason to look forward to the "2019 Swap"! ;-D


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Nelson, we're hurrying... would move back TOMORROW if that "work" thing wasn't getting in the way. Madabouteu, i'm not sure how many plants i'll be able to bring back, but i'll do my best. will have plenty of seeds. There's a cactus growing on the side of the road that I've noticed on my bike rides, and it bloomed this year - i'm taking cuttings..LOL also bringing back some large pcs of white quartz. i'm getting off topic, so i'll hush now... :-)

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