bobbyfJuly 6, 2010

I have planted slicing cukes, they are a newer hybrid from Burpee, can't remember the name. The vines look good and have bloomed steadily, but about 90% of the cukes grow to an inch or two long, than die. some keep growing but a re soft and no good.......the 10% that are ok are very good tasting. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? Thanks y'all

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Sounds like a pollination problem. Do you see insects in your garden? If you don't have honeybees and bumblebess, there are various native bees that will pollinate them and even ants.

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Thank you Nicole. The lack of bees the last few years is kinda scary, but I have more this summer, I am wondering if its some kind of fungus.......anyhow, the last week has been better for some reason, still losing most of em, but not as many as before, those plates of sliced cukes and tomato's tasting good....

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Did you plant your usual variety? If not, maybe the one you planted this year just isn't good for your garden.

I planted Sweet Marketmore as usual this year and have been deluged with cucumbers. I've never had so many. I was a little smug that I didn't have any squash bugs this year, but the pickleworm showed up a few weeks ago at my house and I'm about ready to tear the cukes out now as soon as I let some go to seed.

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