anyone know muscadines?

MiKru(7b/8)July 9, 2014

Hi all:
I bought two muscadines at a big box store last year and planted them to grow up and along a fence (each in a "T" formation). One of them just exploded in growth; the second barely inches along, and has more or less stopped growing. Same location, planted at the same time, same routine.

So that's just weird, but if anyone might have an explanation I'm interested to know.

But to my actual question: this is year two with the vines. I trimmed them in February back to three buds on the shoots and in May I had a few grape buds (more, strangely, on the slower growing one). But those buds have disappeared and the ends of the tendrils look burnt. The vines otherwise look ok: the one is still growing like crazy, they have a few red spots on the leaves and maybe some yellowing.

Does all of this point in the direction of one problem? I'm thinking that it needs magnesium, but I really have no idea. Any thoughts?

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You might search on-line for " Muscadine nutrient deficiency pics". this has helped me with several plant mysteries. Jim

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Thanks notascrename -- I found that suggestion very helpful. I'm going to try a few new things.

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garymc(7 S.E.Mo)

You may have 2 female vines. You don't say what varieties they are, so hard to know, but that would be my first thought. See if you can find a "delicious" or "ison" variety to plant with them as a pollinator.

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Muscadines978(7, Dalton, Ga.)

The fact weather they are female or self fertile has nothing to do with their growth rate.
I have 17 different varieties and a total of about 60 or so vines. Some grow slower than others. Just make sure that you have a good fertilization program. they are heavy feeders.
You might want to check out my website: At the bottom of the home page I placed a link of how to grow Muscadines. This might help.


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