Spicebush Plants

mimidi(z8)August 7, 2007

Has anyone planted spicebush plants here in Alabama? I have three little ones I bought for the Spicebush Swallowtail. I don't know if these plants will take full sun or do they need partial shade. Would appreciate any suggestions.

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I did a search and found I asked about spicebush in May. Please forgive my lapse in memory.

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I usually see them in at least partial shade, often in dense shade along the creeks - they're an understory plant.
I've got one on the farm here that produces yellow-orange(xanthocarpic) fruits, rather than the typical red. They're really easy to grow from seed, but I don't know yet - give me another couple of years - whether or not the female plants will come 'true' from seed and produce those orange fruits.

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Thank you Lucky. I will be planting mine where they will get some shade.

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