rain !!

lsmcw(7b-AL)August 17, 2007

Had one hellacious thunder storm around midnight last night - power went off and on several times then stayed off for about two hours. Thunder and lightning lasted over an hour. Got up this morning and had 2.3" in the gauge! WOO-HOOOOO. The garden will last another week, at least. I had planned to dig all my trades and pot them this weekend to insure their survival for the swap. Who else got rain? Linda

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I got thunder. :(

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We need some rain down here near the coast too, my lawn is almost crispy. It would have been nice if we could have got that wimpy tropical storm to go across our whole state. I don't want a hurricane though.

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I did get a smidgen this afternoon. Not much, but better than nothing, and not so hard it beat everything to death.

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Same old story here in Pinson - wind, thunder, and almost enough rain to settle the dust. It looked good on radar moving this way, but it just fizzled out before it got here.

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Hueytown got a thunderstorm about 3:30 a.m. We got enough rain to fill the grooves in the bedliner of my pickup. The better news according to Sylvia, we got 3 hours of rain Friday afternoon. Hard rain to start and then a steady drizzle. I watered everything really good on Wednesday but if I could get it to rain again I'd water again.

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tweetypye(z8/sc AL)

Rosey and I down here in Elmore County, got some yesterday afternoon. An inch of rain and a hail storm too! Then another storm came through last night around 1 am and added another half inch to my guage!!! Yippee, maybe all is not lost after all!! There's tons of leaves and debri on the ground from the hail and it beat my potted impatiens all to pieces, but hey, thank God for the rain!!!!

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