Mole Q's

scandia(7)August 5, 2006

Does anyone have any suggestions re how to get rid of a mole???

Besides poison???

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I've been told you can punch holes in the tunnels and drop in moth balls. It seems the moles have very sensitive noses and they don't like the napthalene smell.

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roseyp8255(z8 - SC AL)

I think i am gonna do the same thing to the armadillo holes that my BF found out in the woods! Good idea - rather than just trying to scatter them throughout the yard....

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Rose you don't want Armadillos on your property?? They eat fire ants.

I was trying to avoid using mothballs. The garden where the little digger is, is near where my cats go. Ya think the cats would get it..I read that moth balls do not work on moles...I know they work on copperheads cuz I tried that once.

Someone told me to stab the ground with a pitchfork to try to kill it.. I wasn't trying to kill it I just wanted to chase it away.

My neighbor suggested buying Coyote urine and putting it out there. Apparently this product can be bought. The scent of a predator is suppose to chase the mole away...Hummmmm

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I posted this question on the bulb forum too. I havce found out that it is a VOLE not a MOLE...Moles eat worms...Voles eat roots and bulbs..This little digger has taken 60 ft of bulbs..over 1000 bulbs..It must be storing them.

Someone on that forum gave me a good idea using a mouse trap putting peanut butter on it, putting it near the exit hole and covering it with a bucket with a rock on top..Hopefully that will work..the bucket and rock will keep my cats from getting snapped.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Volesa can also be baited by the food that they prefer pieces of apple, or fresh veggies. I was able to get several on the same piece of zuchini, used over and over.

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