Milky Spore?

raccoon(cntrl AL)August 25, 2005

Can someone tell me where to purchase this item in Birmingham area? It was suggested that I spray my iris with this and I have no idea where to buy it?

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I order mine from . A website which specializes in organic pest controls. They also have organic controls for grasshoppers. and other pests

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Hi raccoon (and "Welcome!" to the forum),

I'm curious as to what the problem is. Milky spore is (to my limited knowledge) used mainly to control Japanese beetle grubs in the soil, but must be applied to your entire yard over a period of two years for it to be most effective. Even then you are only protected from the grubs which are growing in the soil on your own property.

I applied my first "application" of MS just this spring in an attempt to ward off adult beetles in the coming years. I purchased it at Massey Mercantile in downtown Birmingham, but have seen it available at Home Depot, Lowes, etc.

Given a little more info, the knowledgable folks here on the forum will offer you plenty of advice.

Hope you'll become a "regular" here on the forum!


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Maybe the info at the link will help you identify the disease.

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raccoon(cntrl AL)

Nelson thank you for the welcome. The problem I am having is one of brown tips and pale green folage. Someone suggested Milky spore. I have seen grubs in my other beds but the ground is so hard where the iris are that I don't know if I have grubs there. I'll try at the Home Depot and if I don't find it there I'll try the Mercantile. I don't order anything on-line I prefer to go to a store and shop in person. Again thanks for the welcome I hope to come here often and I appreciate your help.

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