Fall vegetable planting

bhamianAugust 4, 2014

Hi there,
I'm dreaming of what to plant this Fall. Have any of you grown peas in the Fall in Birmingham? I am also thinking of planting soybeans and carrots. Generally, what have you had luck with, any varieties to recommend? I have had luck with greens, green beans, peas (tried spring only), lettuce, spinach, okra and radishes. I have given up on squash because of vine borers. I have also given up on tomatoes, eggplant and peppers due to poor soil. I would like to branch out more and have more variety in the garden.

My soil is pretty poor and seems like all the composting and adding manure I do just can't make much of a dent. I have also been trying cover crops, alfalfa and red clover. So I am thinking of trying something new, get free wood chips, pile them up in the garden and then till them in the spring. Any thoughts?

I would also love to find someone in Birmingham to swap seeds with.


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Hi, I do not plant much for the fall. Not sure why.
You should come to the fall plant swap. There are great people there and the plants and other items we swap are just wonderful.

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Hi, I live 2 hours NE of Bham. I grow veggies in large pots. This fall I am growing long beans, bush beans, cucumbers, spinach, beets and tomatoes. Also lots of basil, thyme, oregano and lavender.

Next spring I will start growing in raised beds.

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I live in B'ham,but do my gardening at my folks in Chilton County.Have plenty of green seeds,turnip,kale,mustard and rape,if you're interested.

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Whats you're soils ph?. Pile up hardwood leaves and grind them down with a push mower, spread them 4 inches deep and throw on some high nitrogen fertilizer to help break them down. Might need to cover the garden with plastic late feb. to dry it out so you can till. check the PH! correct it now. Then show us a picture of your tomatoes. Jim

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