Red Twig Dogwood

mattie108August 30, 2013

Just wondering if y'all would share some pearls of wisdom on the subject of Red Twig Dogwoods. I bought one about six weeks ago, planted it on the west side of the house, and water it two or three times a week (now that it's finally stopped raining). But it's looking kind of puny. Could this be a response to the days getting shorter (already!)? I'm near Huntsville, by the way.

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It's a brutal time to plant a tree, especially one that's fond of cooler weather than we get. I would shade it, if you can, until the temps drop a bit, and avoid overwatering.

Dogwoods are one of the first trees to call it quits in the the fall, so I wouldn't be too concerned if the leaves start to change soon. I was up in VA this weekend and they are already starting to change up there.

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Thanks, NIcole. From what I've read the Red Twig Dogwood is a shrub, not a tree, but I'm sure that's neither here nor there. I knew it was probably a risky time to plant it since the price was marked way down (it was cheap enough I didn't mind risking it). But it looked so good for the first little while after I planted it that I hate to see it looking unhappy now. I'm going to take your advice and figure out some shade for it. Thanks for your help!

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