bananas in Ala

birdlady_10(z7b Ala)August 1, 2007

OK all you banana people out there I need some advice.I need to know which bananas I can plant i the ground.The spot is protected on the north by the greenhouse,the east by a 6 ft fence,the west by the house & the south by the pond pergola & 3 ft high bog pond.It gets sun till about 4 or 5.The bananas will be heavily mulched(in the winter) with about 3 ft of hay.I have MySore,Rhino Horn,Ice Cream,Thousand Fingers,Ladyfingers,Red Iholene,Rajapuri,Thompson,Iterans,Kru & Hua Moa.Sure hope lantaholic sees this post.Thanks in advance

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Yes Jan, you can plant these outside but it would have to be in MY yard!!! :O)

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Birdlady, Definitely Ice Cream can be overwintered outside. This spring I planted Praying Hands, Manzano and Rojo Zebrina in the ground, I have potted Mahoi and Saba. Will be getting a Chinese Yellow soon. None of mine will stay in pots, I just haven't prepared a place for them yet. I want to try a Red Iholene and a velutina too.
On your Kru and Hua Moa for some reason I want to say don't try them in the ground overwinter but I just can't be sure without researching.

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birdlady_10(z7b Ala)

Be careful what you wish for,Lynn! These things are growing like mad & have pups :o).
Thanks,Kabby.I already have the musa ornata,basjoo & chinese lotus out there.Think I'll try the Red Iholene.That thing is almost 20 ft tall now! My GH is 14ft :(.Also the Ice Cream ,Rojo & Orinoco.Thanks again

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