ornamental sweet potato vine??

daffodillady(7b/8a central AL)August 28, 2009

So I was just given several small pieces of a green ornamental sweet potato vine. They have short roots on the ends. If I pot them up now, will they have time to grow the tubers that are recommended to store for next year? Should I plan on enjoying the vine for what's left of this growing season, or could the potted vine be overwintered sucessfully- inside or outside? Could cutting of the vine be overwintered in water? I am located between Birmingham and Tuscaloosa.

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Beth, pot it up and grow as usual. When the vine starts to die back, stop watering, cover all of the potato with dirt and keep it in the pot. Put it in a cool, dark place and ocassionally water through the winter. About March 1 take it out of the pot, wash it and put it in light. It should begin sprouting. You can cut off the slips with a litle bit of the potato and pot them up. Each one wil give you a vine and grow potatoes. BTW, my mother used to cut off slips for a grower in Cullman when she was a little girl. She got paid 10 cents per thousand slips she removed from the potatoes.

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daffodillady(7b/8a central AL)

Thanks, Terry. I have seen this ornamental vine at the Aldridge Botanical Garden and just loved the color and how it cascaded down over the pot's sides. I hope it will form "potatos" and make it through the winter, as I would love to have several pots to add to my collection....and also want to add the purple and others, eventually.
10 cents per thousand......WHEW...lotta work for that!!

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I grew 'Sweet Caroline' potato vine this year - its a pretty variegated one. I'd be happy to try to root some cuttings to bring to the Fall swap if ya'll would like.

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you can't kill these things with a flamethrower! just let them die down and take minor precautions such as a little shelter from hard freezing. i absolutely love this species.

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