Confederate Rose

kabby_z8August 17, 2005

It won't be long before these beauties are blooming. I went through the old threads before I posted and got some good ideas on rooting cuttings but I also want to know of different colors and bloom types. The plants that I have have so much doubling going on that I think they are magnificent. Would love to see photos of any that you may have.

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i'm not familiar with confederate roses.....beautiful....tell me more

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The Confederate Rose (also Cotton Rose) is not a rose but Hibiscus mutabilis. It hails from China. Mutabilis means change: the flowers change color with age.
I grow the double white, double pink, double rose, and single hot pink forms.
The single white ones are still seedlings and I'll have to winter them over in a frost-free environment.

Before frost, cut stems into 10-12" sections. Depending on space available, sections can be potted up or placed in a container with 1 to 2" of water and wintered over in a frost-free environment.

Here is a link that might be useful: pic of single white

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I have one and have a lot of seedlings, that came up last fall. Now they are 3-4 feet tall and I can't GIVE them away. Nobody want to come get them. I'm going to leave them for another month or so and then -up they come and into the garbage. Mine are not the first photo type, but are double and change colors.

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roseyp8255(z8 - SC AL)

Okay Nona - if you are gonna come to the fall swap in Bham, i'll take them! :)

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I grow the same 3 varieties as Terremadre. I especially like the single variety because it blooms all summer. But the doubles are beautiful like camellias in the fall. NonaCook, you should go to the hibiscus forum to trade your seedlings. There is always someone there wanting to trade.

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i prefer the look of the singles, too. simplicity is beautiful. :-)
anybody have cuttings that to share?

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Hmmm maybe because the only one I have is a double, but I seem to like Terramadre's doubles best. The single is a plain Jane to me but lordy what a hot color!

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Don't get me wrong, I love the double white and double pink. I love the single because it blooms all season. I love the others becasue they bloom when almost everything else has stopped.

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tweetypye(z8/sc AL)

My daughter bought an older home and renovated it for her Daycare Center. It used to have beautiful gardens, of course they had become overgrown, etc. We have cleared out lots of the overgrowth, and discovered this spring Confederate Roses coming up at the back of the house. I have brought several small ones home, and can't wait to see which ones they are when they bloom. An older variety I'm sure.

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I would like cuttings of any and all varieties. Let me know what you would like.

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