Did I kill my Japanese Maple Crimson Queen?!!!

fnboyd(z8 AL)August 29, 2006


I planted a 3' Crimson Queen Maple on the west facing side of my house back in the spring. It was getting leaf scorch from the afternoon sun and the 100+ temps we were having so I decided to move it closer to the house so it would get only about 2-3 hours of direct sun and then filtered sun. After the move I noticed some of the leave on the very end of some of the branches were dying and falling off.

Did I make a mistake? I am giving it plenty of water and trying to coax it to live but am not sure what to do.

Any suggestions? Should I just wait and see? Move it again?

I really don't want to lose this beautiful tree. HELP......

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NO, don't move it again or you'll lose it for sure. Keep watering. Turn the water barely on and let it soak to the roots. When no sun is on it, water the leaves too.
The problem is transplanting it when you did. Any plant that gets sun with the heat we've had will go into shock. Trees need to be done when the temps are cool, especially if transplanting.
I hope you can save it.

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Just to give you some hope, a friend of mine was moving out of state and basically offered me her garden. She had a beautiful 6 foot tall Bloodgood Maple that I decided to take a chance on even though it was the wrong time of year to move it. It was already summer and that thing looked like hell the rest of the year. Figured it was dead for sure. Kept it watered just the same though and the following spring every limb leafed out as if nothing had happened. That was 3 years ago and now it's about 10 feet tall.

Now what I did is far from the ideal time and way to transplant but I discovered these trees can be very tough. Even if it looks dead I usually don't give up on something until after the following Spring.


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I bought a healthy Crimson Queen Lace-leaf Japanese Maple 4 weeks ago. After about 2 weeks I noticed that the leaves started wilting/drying and curling. When I touched the leaves they just fall down. This tree gets a lot of direct strong sun for 4-5 hrs per day. The soil in my area is very clayish. I dug a little soil around the tree to see if tree is drowning or suffocating and I saw that there was pool of water around it. Looks like the soil in my area is not draining but retains all water. Would this property of soil drown the tree? Do I need to move it somewhere else. Is it enough if I remove the tree add a little soil under it to increase the height and replant it in same place ? I also tried to break some small branches and it looks like some are brittle and they easily snap. The bark looks green. Please advise on options. I don't want this beautiful tree to die. Is there a test to tell if it is alive.

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Lynn gave the best advice. Water it really well. Then run a hose to the trees and let the water barely drip day and night. You may lose the leaves but hopefully it will recover like SquirrellyPete's did.

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I am having the same problem. I planted mine where it gets northease sun but a lot of wind. I planted it about 4 weeks ago and my problem is I don't have a spot that doesn't get a lot of wind. Or should I water it more?

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I have had similar plant deaths with Japanese Maples. When ever I buy a maple it will not be planted in the ground until December,January or February, it will remain in the pot till then(It maybe potted to larger size). I have found to have better luck caring for them in pots March thru November. There are about 15 waiting outback for this coming 2013 winter, left over from last year.

All the maples that I am planting are in FULL SUN all day. Nothing to break the wind from them. They appear to be more rugged than most think, even me. Leaf burn...yes.

My basic soil preparation for planting is mixed in a wheel barrel ; 1 part peat , 3 part manure, 5 part compost and a little of surrounding soil. It may vary. Peat moss is probably the most important #1 part of the mix.

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