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raineyridgeAugust 3, 2009

There is an old posting with many suggestions for purchasing fruit trees. I find TyTy's web site to be offensive; perhaps aimed at the MTV generation. I am interested in Classical Fruits in Moulton, AL. I cannot get their web site. Any help or other suggestions welcome.

I hope to plant about a dozen grape vines this fall, gold and black muscadines. My grandfather grew concord grapes here in south west Alabama. I do not know the exact kind, but they were small, had seeds and were absolutely delicious. I have read that it is too hot to grow concords here. Thanks to all, and I am thrilled to have found this group.

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In my opinion, from my personal experiences with them and from the LONG, LONG thread which was on GW, TyTy is not a good place to trade, even if you are not offended by their advertising. There was a long thread on Dave's Garden rumor is it was deleted by threat of some sort of action from TyTy.

Here is a link that might be useful: TyTy Amazon

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Sorry, I didn't mean to rant about TyTy. Call Jason at Petals from the Past in Jemison. He will be glad to make suggestions and I am sure he has some of the really good varieties. Have you thought about muscadine or scuppernong varieties? Jason has those as well.

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I planted 2 muscadine & 2 scuppernong Jan. 09. Both had leaves in the spring but did not make it through July. I planted 2 concords, a thornless blackberry and a rasberry at the same time. The rasberry is the only plant living.
They were planted in a patch my husband had previously used as a clover field, and clover is still there. I have three struggling blueberries. Pecan, pear, peach, plum, and fig are all doing well, planted three years ago in the same field. We are in upper part of zone 8.

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My last post was added in hopes someone may have a suggestion as to the reason for my failure with the grapes and berries. Any help appreciated.

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Perhaps too much fertilizer. Plants can be burned with too much. More likely too much water. Everything I planted early,cabbage, broccoli,lettuce,turnip greens, mustard and radishes died due to stnding water from so much rain in early spring. Even those planted later, squash, beans , okra and tomatos,etc. were hurt and delayed in growing due to too much rain but they finallaly cane on ok,

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hobbstree(z7 AL)

The Classical Fruits in Moulton is closed down that was on Hwy 157. I don't think anyone has taken over the groves either. I went by there Friday and someone has build over the shop in to a warehouse. Their sign is gone also. Hope this helps.

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Someone else said they thought Classical Fruits may be closed due the the death of the owner. Very sorry to hear that.

We may have over fertilized the vines. I am pretty sure it was not too much water, as we had very little rain Jan -June. I did water with well-water that has a lot of sulfer. Could that be a factor?

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Ty Ty in Georgia

I had ordered from them in the past and everything died. Being new at this I assumed it was my fault.

I had been to their nursery in Georgia so I knew they were a real business. In fact they have some very expensive looking statuary there.

So still thinking it was my fault I had placed another pretty large order in August with them. after reading here on this site I got wise. Called them and cancelled and followed up with an email.

Thanks for the help. I also checked on two other places that I had placed orders with and found out they were also brand X. They were

JE Miller out of Canadaigua NY
Willis Orchard out of Carterville Ga

Thank you everyone for saving me a few hundred bucks.

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