Need Pricing Assistance Please

debpthomas(6/7)August 7, 2005

Thursday night someone ran through my yard and knocked down the double gate and fence I had in my yard. He took out 2 cememnt planters (one square shaped and one urn shaped; both approx 2 feet tall) an antique rose; a forsythia bush and 3 bird feeders a dog house; and hit the old large dogwood tree there. I have looked all over the net for prices on the cement planters and the dogwood tree and have had no luck. I can replace the doghouse and the bird feeders but I have no idea where to get prices for the planters and how do you price an old dogwood? Please help. Any advice will be welcomed. Thank you.

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I did a Google search for concrete planters & found many sites listed. See if this one will help.
As far as the dogwood, a small replacemnet will be about $35 to 40. Hopes this helps some. Betty
PS: sorry for the mess.

Here is a link that might be useful: planters

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topsiebeezelbub(z7 Al)

Holy smokes! What hit you - a train? I would insist that losing a venerable tree had reduced my property value by more than a few dollars. Ask a real estate appraiser how much a mature dogwood adds to the resale price of a home...its worth a try. Call a fancy landscaping company to give you an estimate on redoing all this mess. You shouldn't be expected to do the labor.

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I've heard of several cases lately where cars have hit houses, and I'm so sorry for the mess you must have. You might also call the Hsv Botanical Garden or a local nursery (Bennett's would be my choice) and ask for assistance with putting a price on your dogwood. The HBG as you probably know, has a very large, old dogwood and might be of assistance.

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Mimi_Carol(35121 - AL)

I hope this idiot has insurance! Did he just lose control or was he inebriated?

A large tree is not cheap. Measure the circumference of the tree trunk and then call Bennett's or Pike's here in Birmingham to see what a replacement that size would cost. And don't forget that to plant a larger tree, you will almost have to have a professional do the planting or odds are you'll lose the tree to Mother Nature - (heat, cold, too small of a hole, etc.) And dogwoods are not the fastest growers anyway so to get one the size of the one that was destroyed could be costly. And yes, trees do increase the value of your home/property.

Depending on size, concrete planters can be pricey, too.

I am so sorry this happened to you!


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How scary! I hope your dog wasn't in his house! I agree with the earlier posters that you should get good accurate prices and include labor costs for replacement/repair of everything. Even resodding lawn where damaged and replacement of any plants in your planters.

I'm assuming an insurance representative has been out to your house or contacted you. I'd take photos of everything...especially the size of the tree, just in case there's any question later.

Good luck...hope the settlement/restoration goes quickly and well. josh

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I can not belive the kindness of folks here on this forum. I have used the advice given and hopefully got a pretty good estimate of the value of the tree. I also lost the antique rose bush that came from my grandmothers house many years ago, (she is no longer with us nor the house she lived in, nor my rosebush) and a forsythia that also came from there. I cant believe that when I went to the persons insurance company, he told them all he did was scrape a fence and didnt know what the big deal was!!! So, I took photos and showed them what scraping a fence means to him and I have a very different opinion!!!! But thank you all so much. I must say, you are the kindest folks I have ever seen and many thanks go out to you for the well wishes!!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Gosh, I wish I had seen this sooner! I would have urged you to have a certified arborist give an estimate on your tree. It is a specialty that requires expertise and training....and only a few arborists are qualified to do it. I hope and pray that whoever looked at your dogwood valued it appropriately!

Best of luck to you and I hope this person recieves the punishment he deserves!

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In Jan, 2004 the same thing happened to me-59 feet of fence and a double gate. He went to sleep at the wheel of a chevy van. Ran 145 feet through the garden. The insurance co. paid every cent I asked for, plus $150 for cleanup. Be sure you charge for gas to drive around and look for planters similar to yours. When I went to the insurance co I had written prices from the concrete place in town, the fence place, and photo from the web with prices. I also called the florist for the banana, vibernum, and bulbs that were scatered.

Hopeyou get the amount you want!

There are a couple of photos on my website-

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