Hurricane Katrina - Report, Please!

tsmith2579(7B)August 29, 2005

Does anyone have damage from Katrina? Let us hear from you so we know you are OK.

We've had some stiff "breezes" so far and it has begun to do damage. I have a Blue Giant xanthasoma, a xan. sagittafolia and the variegated xan. (all in pots) which are all now bowing to to the west courtesy of Her Majesty Katrina. It looks like an elephant sat in the middle of them. My apologies to our Gulf coast friends. I'm sure you have more serious problems than wind blown EEs. It looks like New Orleans will live to party another day.

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Any one heard from Nigella in Mobile?
In Pensacola, we had winds at 60+ MPH and there are limbs down everywhere. 83,000 people without power in our county alone. Thank goodness for generators.
I haven't been out to my garden yet--the winds have been too strong and there are still hanging limbs from Dennis.

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tweetypye(z8/sc AL)

Nothing major around Elmore County, although there was a tornado or two touched down in neighboring counties this afternoon. We haven't had much wind, and not too much rain, so I'm counting my blessings.
All of you along the coast are in my thoughts and prayers. Stay safe, and let us hear from you all.

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Along with Terry, my apologies to our Gulf Coast friends, but it's just my luck that I can't even get decent rainfall from a tropical storm. Trees around here are dropping leaves like it was November already, and my water bill is about to break me.

I'm hoping that my rain gauge is filled to capacity by in the morning. Yeah, right!

Me :-)

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kenzie_pom(8b AL)

I live in Mobile. Work send me to Atlanta so I missed the storm. I have heard from family back home. They are all fine. I have not seen the house but I understand there is no real damage. Shingles did blow off. I did have a wind meter. It was blown off the roof so I have no report on wind speed. My ten inch rain guage overflowed so no clue there either. Of course, no power. Lost a tree. Lost a mailbox. Lost the tops of my bananas. Most likely lost my grapefruits. No real complaints though. No injuries. I have not heard from anyone else who is local.


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Huntsville here! We got off easy. Lots of snapped trees. There's a large limb in the deep end of our pool.

Power lines down. We lost power last night around 9:30, and it came back on about 10:30 this morning...

I'm missing some wind chimes. I've looked all over - and they are gone!

Like I said - we have it easy compared to the southern part of the state, as well as MS and LA. My heart goes out to the people and the animals that are struggling. GOD bless everyone affected by the storm.

As for the looters  it makes me ill seeing people stealing from homes and businesses like they are. Some people can be so good in times like these, helping others and doing the right thing. Then there are people who choose their own wants and desires over all others. They should hang their heads in shame.

Meadow Lark

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I heard at work (I work for RSA) today that there is 10 feet of water in the Grand Hotel's lobby. There is also water in the first floor and flooded basement of the new tower going up in downtown Mobile.

I sure feel for the folks that took the brunt of this storm.

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Lots of folks in Birmingham without power today. I lost power at 4:15 a.m. Tuesday and I count myself lucky. Nothing like a shower by light of a kerosene lantern. Love my gas hot water heater.

AUHort, glad to hear all is well. I heard about Grand Hotel on local talk-radio this a.m. from a gentleman who lives in the area. RSA is spending lots of money on Grand Hotel in Fairhope and on the hotel in Mobile. And now the hurricanes on top of the USAir fiasco. Bronner may be able to buy a couple of Gulf coast casinos, cheaply.

Meadow Lark, glad to hear you are well. I hope those weren't expensive wind chimes, but then the nice ones sound sooo pretty. I agree about looters. Before the age of political correctness, looters were shot on sight. Hmmmm!

Kenzie, thanks for checking in. I'll add you to my Mobile area prayers.

Nona, Jan and Nelson - it's good to hear from you.

Nelson, I still have your daylily and shredded brug from the spring swap. I'll be looking for you on the 10th.

The news coming out of the Moss Point to New Orleans is very sobering. Life is so dear and delicate. I may have been too lighthearted in this thread, but it is my way of celebrating survival and continued life. I guess it is a coping mechanism, a carryover from the war. My condolense to those those who have lost their homes and loved ones. I fear it will be weeks before we know the extent of death and destruction.

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Just to let ya all know Nigella in Mobile is safe. She checked in with another GW member to let us all know she and her family are staying with friends. Her home got away with minimal damage. She will be back online as soon as she can.


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topsiebeezelbub(z7 Al)

The TV pictures break your heart. If Oliver Washington in Mobile reads this, Susan And Candace in Hsv. send their best prayers...good luck to you all.

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alex_z7(7 AL)

We still have no power at my house. It's going to be a warm day today, my dogs were already looking at me like, "Turn on the air!" I was glad to be able to come to work to get some A/C and to get on the computer to check the news.

The winds actually tore a piece of siding off my house. Still, we were fortunate overall. I'll be more convinced of it, however, when there is air conditioning and power at my house again!

Terry, the same elephant sat on my elephant ears, too. The winds were fierce, so I was just glad to see them still present and accounted for, lol.


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We have no power yet. Two trees are still sitting on the power lines down the road. Since only about 25 houses are affected it may be a few days before Alabama power gets to them. My kids think it is a great adventure, like camping. They enjoyed being at home yesterday.

Not much damage-just a few shingles off the roof. A large limb came down in the yard, my purple stem elephant ears have been flattened, as have some tall cannas, a butterfly bush and a Salvia leucantha. We got a lot of rain.
Rosemary, I will bring you the cannas.

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Hi all. Came over from the Oklahoma Gardening forum to wish you well and to let you know we are all thinking about and praying for you!

It appears that N'Awlins thought they had escaped, but now there is devastation from the breached levees. Horrible sights on the news.

Wanted you to know we hope everyone is safe and sound.


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Where is Nigella? If anybody knows please check in.


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I left home to go to my parents in Montgomery on Monday about 2pm. There's only one way in and out of my rural dirt road and all it takes is one tree between me and the asphalt to put me out of commission. I had to work that night. Called hubby the next am to make sure that electricity was still on, I'm like Alex's dogs, I have to have air! I asked if my 100+ yr old cherry bark oak was still standing and he said yes. Ivan pushed it west, Dennis pushed it further. It will stand for another storm to take it down.
Heartfelt prayers for these unfortunate souls. I hope no one gets their panties in a wad about mentioning "prayers" here. Sometimes sunflowers just aren't enough : (

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roblkey- Nigella and her family are safe. They went to stay with friends who have a secure home built on higher ground. She does not have access to the internet at this time, but I'm sure she will post as soon as she can.


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Thank you Foxy, that is such a relief.


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Here in Pinson I was without power from late Monday night until Tuesday afternoon, but considering the kind of shape the coast is in, I think we got off pretty light. We all need to help the people down there any way we can.

The wind knocked down a lot of small dead limbs off my trees, but nothing over an inch in diameter. Those limbs would have fallen off over the next few weeks anyway.

I was hoping for more rain, but only got about 3/4 inch total.

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roseyp8255(z8 - SC AL)

HI everyone - as Tweety Pye said, we are all okay here in Elmore County - but, I talked to some of my friends who have been sent to Mobile area to work (and go over to assist in Mississippi also) - they said that words and/or the pictures just do NOT describe it. I guess all we can do is pray for them down there.
They also said that people are FIGHTING over gas down in Mobile, at the few gas stations with both gas AND power - i can believe it, b/c it was pretty nasty here in some locations from what i heard.
Susan - thanks on the cannas - i am SOO glad you are wanting to divide stuff! :)

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Hey ya'll, sorry to be so late checking in, it's a mess at my house in weird ways. Most of our damage is in the form of litter, a few shingles were damaged on the roof and I think we're going to lose the screen room where we took our meals but on the other hand the treehouse and "the Lady's Room" are completely intact.

DH's work hasn't contacted him at all so we're pretty much thrown back on my eBay sales. I've been scattered, stressed, worn out, confused, scared and then I think of those poor, poor people in New Orleans(ohhhhh, New Orleans!!!!!!) and my heart breaks and I feel so GUILTY. I'm just walking around not knowing how to feel and sometimes what to do next.

They still haven't released a date for school to start again and some of the kids are stressing over that(weird, but they will lose days from more fun holidays because of this).

Anyway, I'm so sorry for not thinking to check in earlier, I don't know what came over me?

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Margaret, it is good to hear from you. We had learned you were well but it is still good to hear DIRECTLY from YOU. I hope y'all hear from your husband's work very soon. It is good to hear that damage was not tremendous for you and for the Mobile area. Are other GW friends in your area OK?

Don't feel guilty! Look at those wonderful children of yours and know that God spared y'all for a purpose. There were only two things you could do to to stop the storm: (1) stand outside, wave your arms, shout at the wind and tell it to go away (2) or pray. If you feel you must do something, make a contribution of cash, old clothes, pots and pans, etc., to the Salvation Army. There are people in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama who will be happy to have these items. If you can't give cash or items, give a pint of blood to the Red Cross. Your blood will save a life.

Keep in touch with us.


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TERRY!!!!! You're a genius! I have a lot of pots and pans I can donate. Thank you!

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vivilet(7b AL)

We live 50 miles north of Tuscaloosa Al. There is a lot of tree damage, and some to homes. We didn't have power for six days. Lost everything in the refridgerator and the freezer except for some peas.We are going to buy a generator for the next time. It seems we are having these storms about every two to three months. Still we a lucky to have our lives and our home! God bless and comfort those on the coast!

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Let me remind everyone there is a shortage of whole blood and platelets. I can't give whole blood but I can do apheresis (I spelled it correctly right off my LifeSouth t-shirt) which is platelets only. I called LifeSouth Saturday night, left a message and no one has called back. So try the Red Cross. The gift of blood is the gift of life.

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