Therese Bugnet and her little sister Marie

lavender_lass(4b)November 10, 2009

Has anyone planted these two together? I'd like to try Therese Bugnet and I thought Marie Bugnet would look nice too. I plan to put Hidcote Lavender in front of them. I've read that Marie Bugnet is deer resistant. Any truth to that?

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paparoseman(z8 WA. PO.)

I went to the rose garden at Point Defiance years ago before the tall anti deer fence was installed. Most every rose in the garden was no more than two to maybe three feet tall. Except Therese Bugnet which was up near the center on the east side. It was a full six feet tall with no visible deer damage.

I do not know if it is deer proof but being one of the only roses not eaten to a nub seems to indicate that deer do not like eating it as much as other roses.


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Lance, that's good to know! I'm hoping that rugosas will be a little more deer resistant than the hybrid teas :) The lavender seems to keep deer away too.

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Dunno about the deer resistance but I grow both of these roses and love them. Marie is the first rose that visitors meet when they enter the garden. She's richly fragrant and her buds with their tiny red stripes are charming. She's a couple of feet smaller than Therese, with blooms that aren't quite as well-formed, but still lovely.


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Another point about 'Thérèse Bugnet': she had about the best fall color of any plant in the garden this year, deep rich polished red. With our heavy clay soil and droughty summers, very few plants color well, but Thérèse was outstanding. She is overall a beautiful plant, unlike any other I grow.

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I absolutely love Therese Bugnet. I've not considered Marie Bugnet before now. How similar are they in growth habit and disease resistance?


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I wonder if it is Kangaroo proof too ! I will have to try it out. It sounds a very good rose from what you have all said. I will have to add it to my next year's bare root list.

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Robert, Therese Bugnet is a gorgeous shrub with beautiful red stems and light green leaves. In my garden she stands 6x5 and is only 4 years old. TB is tip hardy for me and I have not had the need to prune her yet nor has she experienced any sign of disease.

Marie Bugnet on the other hand remains 3x3 with deeper green leaves and the most exquisite pure white flowers. She is totally striking when in full Spring flush. MB is also tip hardy and repeats quite regularly though out the season.

Therese Bugnet

Marie Bugnet

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It looks as though Marie and Therese do not seem very similar in growth. I love Therese, and I think I'll need to add Marie to my collection.

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AnneCecilia z5 MI

Countryrose, those are some splendid photos. I have both "sisters" growing near one another. Therese is quite prone to attack by rose stem girdler and so she does not get a chance to reach her full potential but is constantly trying to grow new canes to replace the ones I have to prune away; she reaches about 4 ft. maximum. In spite of Therese' lovely reddish canes, my heart goes to Marie. The purity of her white petals is heartbreaking - and those red accented buds! Ahhhh, so beautiful. She is extremely diminutive here, being only about 2' tall. I have to get down on hands and knees to appreciate Marie's beauty and fragrance, growing there at the foot of her sister. If there would be any resistance to deer, BTW, it might be that she's so small they would overlook her in favor of more upright browsing - like Therese! ;-)

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