Anyone Live in Hoover, AL

tsmith2579(7B)August 19, 2008

The Park Board web site says city parks are for Hoover residents to enjoy. Does anyone coming to the swap live in Hoover? Veterans Park looks very nice but I think we need a Hoover resident to vouch-safe for us.

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My father's condo is in Vestavia. Us kids have it up for sale so we could use that as our address if you think that would work.

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tedevore(7b Al)

I live within Hoover, Terry. Or since I live close to Lorna Raod, "Guadalahoover."
I can call the Park board or whatever. Are there pavilion things there?


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Todd, yes there is a pavillon with several tables under it. It seems to be a nice place, very open and clean. Would you please call 444-7500 to see if we need to reserve a table(s) and what we need to do? _ Thanks, Terry

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tedevore(7b Al)


I called them. The pavilion thing is booked through september.
Also, on weekends you have to rent the WHOLE pavilion, which costs $80.
So on that basis maybe Oak Mountain is better, unless we are going to trade and talk
and just go eat barbecue again. Then maybe it doesn't matter.


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So... did Aldridge Gardens not work out?

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Linda, I will call Aldridge tomorrow. They are having a basket weaving class that Saturday. We may be able to use the parking lot and then use the pavilion for lunch if we are out of there early. I not sure everyone understood my motive and plan about Aldridge. I wanted someone from Aldridge to attend our Fall swap to get a sense of our swap format and then maybe have a Spring swap at Aldridge. If we can do the Fall swap there it may work out to our good. The pavilion at Aldridge is open and has ceiling fans.

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