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ourhighlandhomeAugust 18, 2013

I have the following (and probably more) for someone who has a truck/SUV and wants to do an in-person trade:

Banana mannii (large pots)
Banana "NOID" (large clump)
Banana 'Thai Black' needs dividing. If you know how without endangering my mother plant, you can dig a pup
Alpinia tonkinensis (very large pot; very healthy)
Clerodendrum the "tree" with fragrant flowers and porcelain-colored fruit
Elephant ears - several, from sm.-med.-lg. pots to seedlings that have popped up all over the yard
A tropical hibiscus w/ variegated leaves and blood-red flowers
Hedychium - "ginger lilies"; 3 different kinds, mostly coronarium, which must be removed
Pond plants taking over the ponds that need to be divided
Perennial morning glory cuttings galore (ipomoea 'Indica')!
Musella lasiocarpa (Chinese hardy yellow banana)

Looking for stuff on my Exchange Page, water gardening supplies, heck....anything of VALUE. Bring shovel, pots, soil and labor, please!

Let me know via private e-mail...

(Musa 'Black Thai' flowers/fruit pictured below)

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Nelson, I'm so new to this site I don't know if I'm doing this right but I'm going to reply to this Post. I will be happy to bring various Suncatchers, windchimes( I make them out of Junk such as old kitchen gadgets, gardening tools, napkin rings, jar lids etc... Anything I can get my hands on and repurpose. I love the way they look in the Garden). I'll also bring my bottles. I collect them from many people. My front mailbox garden is bordered in cobalt blue beer bottles (labels removed of course) and I've received lots of positive feedback. It's fun, beautiful and keeps them out of landfills. So, I'll bring all those things and you can choose what you might like. I'm Linda Wilson's Daughter so we have met before though its been awhile since I've been to one of these. I'm very interested in Ginger Lilies, elephant ears and possibly a Banana or hibiscus. Though I have a few questions about the last 2 such as how you Winter them over. As far as the Garden Decor I make, I have almost every color imaginable so if you have any color preferences, please feel free to let me know. I'm very laid back so you can choose whatever you'd like and then just pick some plants from my interests to Trade. I'm re-building my Garden after a move so I'm just THRILLED to get anything new and beautiful. But I will say I truly miss my Ginger Lilies! Thanks and look forward to seeing you at the swap!

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