Trade pade finally mosty done

pfllh(8Al)September 10, 2008

Please check my page to see if anything any of you want.



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Girlfriend, what kind of bananas and EEs are you looking for. You know I have several several. Let me know, you are welcome to any of them. - Terry

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Well, first of all, looks like by the title of my post, I don't need to do that if I have been up all night!!!
I'm making the courtyard into more of a tropical garden. I haven't kept track of the names except the one Nelson mentioned and you picked up for me. I knew I didn't have that one.
I'm going to be planting them, not hauling in and out of the greenhouse. Basically, just getting people's extras they don't have room for and want to get rid of. I need to start writing them down as some are just green bananas and some are special, some are common EE's and some unusual.
Can't really say what I'm looking for. How about anything??? :O)
Thanks for looking out for me. Today was not a good day and this made me smile.

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Lady....way it sounds, you're going bananas - not needin' 'em. Tee! Hee!

Keep your head up!

Nelson (who loves ya!)

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