ornamental grasses

goldhillal(7b)September 6, 2007

Does anyone have personal experience with the ornamental grasses that are popular now? My question is whether they tend to reseed. I wouldn't like to end up with an entire bed of Muhlenbergia or Mexican feather grass., and I am not that fond of weeding (I already have enough weeds). I know that Pampas grass has become invasive in some places, although not necessarily around where it is planted, which is the case with many invasive plants.

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Pennisetum "Moudry", Miscanthus sinensis "Variegatus" and "Strictus" do not reseed and become weedy for me. I also have Chasmanthium latifolium which is reputed to reseed all over the place, however for me it is very well behaved in a fairly dry site. Susan.

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Thanks for the input. I hope to hear from other folks also

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I've grown pampas grass for almost 20 years and this is the first year I've ever noticed plants which came from seed. I have a pampas grass seedling in a planter. The planter was in the greenhouse over winter so the seedling was protected from the cold. But it is the first I've ever seen. A Pampas grass clump will spread wider and taller every year.

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One time I got wild oat seed from AHS seed exchange.They were beautiful for about 3 years-then they started to come up all over the bed. I dug them up several years ago and am still trying to get rid of them.

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Miscanthus 'Adagio' is by far the most well-behaved ornamental grass I grow. It hasn't reseeded in the five+ years that I've grown it, doesn't collapse during storms unless weakened by extreme drought, blooms beautifully and dependably, and looks good year-round. M. 'Gracillimus' (maiden grass) has also not reseeded and comes in a close second, but does tend to flop more so than 'Adagio'. I'm growing three new dwarf introductions of M. 'Zebrinus' (dwarf, 'Gold Band'(?) and 'Hinjo') this year in hopes that one out of the bunch won't collapse (all the other selections have for me).

Pennisetum 'Moudry' I would never do without - it's the showiest of all my grasses but, unlike Susan, I've found them to be prolific "breeders". P. "Little Kitten" is a great-looking small grass that blooms very well and should be in every garden, while "Little Bunny" is even smaller, although not as vigorous. Just a personal observation, but the above three grasses decline fairly quickly unless separated every few years.

Hope this helps....


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