WANTED: Sorry we missed the Swap!

shaybass(z8 West Ctl AL)September 11, 2005


Wound up spending the day in the Emergency Room yesterday! Charlie had a dizzy spell that made him where he couldn't sit up, much less walk. Then he started having trouble breathing and chest pains. Rushed him to ER and they did enough tests to tell he wasn't having a heart attack or stroke - which is what we thought was happening! Have appointments to see two specialist this week to see if they can find out what happened. He is alot better now, but still having spells of the dizziness. Relieved to know it wasn't his heart, but sure would like to know what it is, so they can fix it!

Anyway, that happened about 0530 yesterday morning, so the whole day was shot = didn't get out of the ER until after lunch time! We did get a chuckle though. The truck was loaded with plants, bowling balls, etc., for the Swap and there were alot of people giving it the once over (and us too, when we came out) in the hospital parking lot! I was so scared, that I had forgotten all about the Swap until we came out of the hospital and saw the truck!

Anyway, I will save the items I have for everybody and either find a way to get them to you when Charlie gets better, or save them for the next Swap.

Sorry we missed it - we had so much fun the last time! But I guess with the damage from Katrina and Charlie's visit to the ER, we just weren't meant to attend this one. Missed everyone, but we will see you all the next time.

Sharon and Charlie

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I hope Charlie is better. We missed y'all.

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Sharon, I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Hopefully you'll get an appointment with the specialists soon and get some answers. Just keep the faith and take a day at a time.

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