Killing grass in beds; killing nutgrass anywhere

catbird(z7 AL)September 14, 2008

At lunch after the swap we were talking about the nuisance of Bermuda grass [Grrr >:-( ] growing in beds and shrubbery. I promised Jill that I'd post what I have learned about getting rid of it, so here it is:

There are several grass-selective herbicides on the market that will kill grass without taking out the ornamentals it's growing through. If Home Depot and Lowes don't have them, you can find them at farm supply stores. The one I have used is Poast (now called Grassgetter) and I'm only half joking when I say it has saved my marriage! The DH loves Bermuda and I HATE it in the perenniel border. Here are links to more information:




Nutgrass is another story. It's actually a sedge and is not killed by the grass-specific herbicides. As most of us have learned from experience, pulling it or using Roundup gets rid of the plant and the root, but not the "nuts" at the tips of the roots. Thank goodness, there are sedge-specific herbicides, too. Here are links to information about a couple of these:


Image Nutsedge Killer

Hope this will help others, too.


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How timely - the very first thing I did this morning was to start ridding a couple of flowerbeds of !#%&* bermuda grass. God, how I hate that stuff!!!

Thanks for the tip, Alice, and it was really nice meeting you yesterday!


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catbird(z7 AL)

Nelson: Hope you didn't spend too much time fighting the bermuda this morning. Maybe you won't have to do that again. Enjoyed seeing you yesterday, too.

I generally don't use sprays in my garden, but I make exceptions for bermuda-killer and nutgrass-exterminator!

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