Wild Hedge Bushes

jsuuaSeptember 6, 2008

I just bought a patio home on a small lot, which I thought was going to be "low maintenance":-) In reality, the large hedge bushes surrounding the lot that looked great when I bought in early spring are now a maintenance nightmare. I was wondering if anyone could help me i.d. this species of shrub and let me know if they have a ceiling. Will they just grow like Jack's beanstalk until I cut them down? They are very bushy unless clipped frequently (semi-daily) and have a pale green leaf with a white, almost frost-like consistency on the surface of the leaf. They have the ability to send off shooting limbs with freakish speed (i'm talking an inch a day). Any help or advice is welcome. I'm ready to rev up the chainsaws and reclaim this yard! BTW...they are also around the house, which was clearly a great choice by the previous owner:-)

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I don't know what they may be but it sounds like you are not happy with them at all. They have all the characteristics you definitely don't like. I suggest a chainsaw and Round-Up Brush killer. Cut a few feet of the row as close to the ground as possible and spray the fresh wounds with Round-up BRUSH killer. Cut some more and spray some more. You want the Round-Up to be sprayed on the freshly cut stems. Do it on a warm day (over 80 degrees) when the threat of rain is minimal.

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Sounds like the one I have, it was here also when we bought the place. Is this it? I think it is in the privet family. I can't get rid of this stuff. It would be pretty if it just didnt take over.

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Elaeagnus pungens is exactly what came to my mind. I need my head examined for planting a 100-ft. row of this stuff years ago. Granted, it has it's good points, one of which is it's powerful fragrance in fall. But it can quickly get away from you without constant pruning and become an unmanageable 12-ft.-tall beast. Good luck!


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