daffodillady(7b/8a central AL)September 21, 2009

Our schools closed today due to possible flooding, and they have started asking residents in low lying areas to voluntarily evacuate. We have had over 10 inches of rain in the last three days, not counting totals from the last several weeks. My potted plants are doing well as they drain nicely, but I pray that we don't start having a lot of standing water. I am on fairly high ground, so I don't expect to have anything to worry about, unless the Ark floats by my window- LOL!! How are the rest of you making out?

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We haven't got it quite that bad here.

Other than a water stain in my den ceiling where a some leaves held water til it soaked through the shingles, things are ok here. Was able to get a bunch of smilax out of the ground pretty easily with the ground so saturated, about the only upside I can find.

Wasn't it this time last year we were crying about drought? Feast or famine...

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Since Friday I've recorded 10.375" of this crap you NEVER see when you want it and/or need it.

Sixteen inches of rain the first full week of May took a heavy toll on a lot of my plants, especially bulbs. Looks like this may take out a few more. On the other hand, the weeds are laughing out loud, which really ticks me off!

Oh well....I shouldn't complain - at least I haven't lost a house, car, or loved one. Still makes me MAD!!. LOL! Guess I better go check my blood pressure.....

Nelson ;-)

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catbird(z7 AL)

We've had a lot of rain in Gadsden, but it's been spread out enough that one downpour has time to drain off before the next one hits. We always get a river through our back yard when there's a long heavy rain, but that hasn't happened this time. Our house, thank goodness, is higher, but the sump pump in the crawl space is running a LOT.

This feast-or-famine rainfall reminds me of a recent speaker at our Master Gardeners who said that averages don't mean much when you talk about rainfall. "You can have one foot in a bucket of ice water and one in boiling water and, on average, you're fine." Wish we could impound some of this Fall's rain to use next summer.

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