Advice for groundcover on sunny, sandy hillside

katiezmommySeptember 21, 2012

Hello everyone. This is my first time posting here, although I've been lurking for a little while now. We are purchasing 9 acres of land in Dale County, and will be doing some landscaping soon. My experience in landscaping is limited to having spread some bermuda seeds at our current home. As such, I'm at a loss as to where to begin. At the moment, the 9 acres are mostly cleared, with about an acre or 2 of heavy woods in the back. Eventually we'd like to have several gardens of flowers, vegetables, fruits and herbs. At the moment, however, we are trying to decide what we will do with the down slope on the corner of the house. We need to plant something to prevent erosion, but I'd like to plant something that won't require a great deal of maintenance and will be attractive year round. The soil is sandy with full sun. I'm thinking something with a path through it, as there's a nice open area at the bottom that would be a great spot for a future koi pond and sitting area. I also don't want anything that is highly invasive, because we plan on having several garden areas eventually. Thanks for any help or suggestions you may have.

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i like the creeping junipers for such areas. some cultivars are very low-growing and they also are available in different shades of green with bluish, gold and grayish tones, with some changing toward purple or reddish in cold weather.
it doesn't like foot traffic and neither would you like walking on it (prickly stuff!) but it is tough and durable and can be very attractive. paths through it would be fine, though. contrary to the article, i never see weeds coming into the beds of it around town.

Here is a link that might be useful: creeping junipers

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jcalhoun(8b Mobile County AL)

I suggest getting a soil test of your land. This will help you determine what will grow well there.

How big is the area you are trying to cover?

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