B'Ham nurseries

bobbygil(7)October 14, 2012

Hi ...I am coming from Atlanta to Tuscaloosa for some football game the 2nd week of Nov. Anyone know any good nurseries in B'Ham maybe that I might be able to find perennials or maybe shrubs that you cant find in the big box stores ? I went to one years ago that was good , run by a lady, but cant seem to find it now. After doing a search anyone know anything about Hanna's ? thanks bobby

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It's not right in B'Ham, but Petals from the Part in Jemison is terrific.

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A trip to Plant Odyssey (or "Libby's" as most people call it) on 7th Ave. South is always fun. Libby always has something unusual.

Hanna's Garden Shop on Hwy. 280 is the closest to me, so probably my favorite (huge selection, next door to Aquatic Gardens, one of the nicer - but pricier - aquatic supply stores in the area.

Five minutes from Hanna's is John Deere Landscapes on Hwy. 119, which is huge. They are sometimes disappointing as far as perennials, but have a nice selection of shrubs, evergrees and trees.

Petals from the Past might be a bit out of the way for you, but is definitely worth the trip. Again, Jason always has something unusual.

I'm not that familiar with Andy's on Hwy. 31. Been there once right after they got re-established and was impressed with their spring selection of annuals/perennials (although they are pricey).

Hope this helps...and Roll Tide!

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Thanks. Plant Odyssey is the one I had been to before. Think I will stop there as well as Hanna's. Anything special between B'ham and Tuscaloosa ? thanks again

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I know the date has passed, but here are two more in case you're ever back this way:

I love Collier's in vestavia. It's small, but they are great. It's right off I-459.

Andy's has a location in hoover too. It's on 150 right off I-459 also. It's small too. We love to get their fruit and veggies when we stop there.

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