Fall Swap! Please look! E-mail wiped out!

idig(7b)October 1, 2009

I have a short list this time. Please let me know if I've missed anything, my computer had to be wiped and I don't have my older e-mails! So this is mostly by memory and from your lists. So PLEASE let me know if I have promised something and forgotten it.

I hope someone is bringing muscadine jam! I waill beg and bargain shamelessly for a winter supply. My son and I went through the spring jar in no time.

I am bringing:

Alice: sweetshrub

Tdevore: Bletilla striata

haley45: Hellebore seedlings

Terry: large pots

I'll bring some extra stuff too. Off the top of my head extra bletilla striata (lots of interest at the spring swap in those).

Black and blue salvia,

two purple leaved loropetalum (don't remember the variety but aren't ZhuZhu one of the 6'ish ones. Some Coral Nymph salvia (they reseed well, but don't necessarily come back true in my experience)

Have lots of Salvia coccinea but will just bring a couple unless I hear otherwise.

Stokes aster

maybe have one small pink and yellow rain lily - won't dig unless someone lets me know!

I'll add more later if I come up with anything else.

Oh, and I might be bringing an old friend who plans to dig up some pass along plants from the old homestead where she lives if she can make it.

I look forward to seeing everyone!

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Shana, I would love a Bletilla Striata - what can I bring you?

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a red spider lily would be great!

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Hi Shana,

Do you have any of the Bletilla Striata left? I would love some more. The clump you gave me before is doing great. What can I trade for it?


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I do! How about a stargazer lily? My daughter will be thrilled to have one in her garden (id I don't add it to the couple I have in mine? :))

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I'll put your name on one. See you tomorrow.

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You've got it! I look forward to meeting you tomorrow.

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