Hardy Citrus?

drippy(7bAL)October 9, 2010

I didn't think there were any hardy citrus trees to northern AL (zone 7), but last weekend DH & I saw a gorgeous one growing in a yard in Athens - I want to guess that it might have been a Meyers Lemon? It was loaded with fruit, too. What is your experience?

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I would guess it was a poncirus trifoliata. They are a cousin of the citrus and make small oranges which are full of seeds. Do some research and let me know if you want some seeds. Mine is about 25 y/o and the parent was in the backyard at Sturdevant Hall antebellum home in Selma.

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I'm betting on P.trifoliata, too.
Had one growing and fruiting for years here in southern KY, and I know of one doing the same in Cincinnati, OH.

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Drippy, I can send fruits for poastage if you want them.

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Eww, those thorny things will tear you up! Pure evil I tell ya. ; )

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Treehugger, you are too funny. My son says that no matter where he is in the yard, my poncirus finds and attacks him.

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Anybody got the contorted 'Flying Dragon' selection of P.trifoliata?
I'd be interested in getting my mitts on some more seeds from that one...

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lucky p,

I can pack one of those small Priority Mail boxes with fruit from my "Flying Dragon" if you'd like. My 5-ft. tall "tree" was especially prolific this year and the fruit needs a home.


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Drippy, Poncirus trifoliata was hybridized with the edible citrus by the USDA over 100 years ago. Some of these hybrids make hardy and pretty trees with really attractive looking fruit. Unfortunately they don't taste near as good as they look. Woodlanders nursery is a good source.

Nelson, If lucky doesn't want all of them I'm interested. I've seen this 'Flying Dragon' and it looks like just the thing I need to plant under my daughters bedroom window!
Seriously though, I tried it once and it died on me. I haven't been able to find it since.

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I'm LMAO! I've considered the possibilities of planting this an an impenetrable hedge for armadillos, foxes, opposums, etc., but never as a means of dissuading a potential suitor. You are on top of your game!

I've got lots of "smellin' oranges" left and would be glad to help in the fight to protect your daughter from the forces of testosterone. Send me your address, and together let's build a fortress! LOL!


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plantaholic(zone 8a AL)

i have several varieties that grow in anniston. check out (google) mackenzie farms in SC. i grow thomasville, morton, ichang lemon, and several other hardy hybrids.

here is a pic of my morton citrange from just the other day. the fruit has a tartness, but can be eaten outta hand (some people like it, others dont), is seedless, and makes great tasting marmalade and orangeade.


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Thanks all - I posted this and then dropped the ball and completely forgot about it. I have to give this some thought - I like the look of the plant, but am not too sure where I want to put it, given the thorns. I will contact those of you who graciously offered me seeds if I figure it out - thanks again!

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