Anyone know if Rhubarb grows here?

squirrellypete(z7b AL)October 8, 2005

OK, I'm not too big on vegetable growing, but I would love to know if this can be grown here. I only want to grow it for the leaves to make these awesome Rhubarb leaf stepping stone molds I've seen (I know that the leaves are poisonous if ingested).

Any info would be appreciated. Sincerely, Squirrellypete

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I tried growing it years ago but it is just gets too hot during the summer months.

"Rhubarb is a cool season, perennial crop. It requires temperatures below 40­ F to break dormancy and to stimulate spring growth and summer temperatures averaging less than 75­ F for vigorous vegetative growth."

How about using the leaves of Hosta, Castor bean, EEs, or Rice paper plant?

Here is a link that might be useful: More about Rhubarb

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WannaBGardener(8b & 4a)

My neighbor here in Lillian grew it last year. Planted it in the fall and had some pretty inpressive leaves on it before the heat got to it. I doubt that it will come back this fall, but if all you want was to grow leaves, hers sure did.

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

Hi everyone. Thanks for the info. Terramadre, I will try using your suggestion of Elephant Ear if I am unable to grow rhubarb successfully.

Also, to those who contacted me to inform me that rhubarb is poisonous I appreciate the concern. As stated in the original message I am aware of its toxic nature and will be sure to take appropriate precautions when handling these plants.

Happy gardening to all. Squirrellypete

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Most Birmingham-area nurseries are stocked full of it right now, despite the fact that it does not do well in our environment. Of course, they'll tell you otherwise to make a quick buck, but your money is best spent otherwise.

Just MHO...


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I have a hard time growing it up here in z6 - as a perennial; it's just too hot, unless I could find a nice shady spot(which I don't have).
However, you can grow it from seed, or, I suppose from divisions - as a winter annual, knowing full well that it's gonna peter out once it starts heating up in late spring.
I've seen reports of folks as far south as Tampa growing it from seed - if they can do it there, I'm sure you can, too.
Google up the 'Rhubarb Compendium' for all the rhubarb info you'd care to ingest.

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