compost and mulch sources?

idig(7b)October 7, 2008

I found an old thread about green mulch available in Prattville at Union Camp, all you can shovel. Does anyone know any details about that? Or another source for mulch either green or seasoned, really cheap? What about compost? I know years ago the city of Mtn. Brook used to sell compost for $10 a pickup load. Anyone have any secret sources?

How are everyone's plants doing from the swap? I am enjoying all of mine, the ones set up ahead of time for trade and all the others everyone so generously shared!

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At the paper mill in Prattville, it's free. I understand, there are times where they have equipment and will load it for you. Otherwise, you have to shovel it yourself.
They used to have 3 separate piles each one ground up a little more than the others.
This is what my daughter always gets for her flowerbeds and for potting. This is a pine mulch.

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Unless it has been cleaned up, there is an old sawmill about 3 blocks off Main Street in West Blockton on Rosa Parks Drive. It has been there a long time. As you dig it, there are a couple of layers which look like the sawdust burned at one time or another like sawdust piles often do. It makes a great soil amendment and mulch.

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Thank you both!

Is the paper mill in Prattville Union Camp? I would like to call around and see what days they load to save the shoveling if possible. There will be plenty of that when I get home!

The sawdust sounds great too. I need to mulch some beds, but I also have a large area I am removing English Ivy from between my house and neighbor's driveway that will need building up.

Thanks so much!

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It used to be Union Camp. I'm not sure of the name now as it got bought out. I'll try to get the name for you and a number.

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Thanks Lynn.

I still have your coral nymph salvia I need to get to you!

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international paper - they no longer load it for you. He also said it was his understanding they were going to discontinue putting mulch out there as now using it for fuel for their operrations!
He said if it's out there outside the gate you can get it but that may be the last of it. Right now operations are shut down so I'd have to call in a week or 2. Phone number is 334-361-5000.
I need to get you the BeautyBerry also. If you come this way, I can meet you somewhere so you don't have to drive all over. Next Tuesday, I have to go to B'hm to the shelter to get the Siamese so not put down. Got to talk to Janie about a time though.
Where are you located?

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Thanks for the information. I will give them a call in a couple of weeks and see what I can find out.

I live in Hoover, but work in Birmingham right off the Green Springs hwy exit. Depending on what time you decide to come we could meet for lunch, or I could meet up with you wherever it is you need to go. Which Shelter? If it is the Humane Society, they are about two miles from my office.



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It's a rescue group. I have to take the airport exit. Isn't Green Springs Rd. the one before the UAB exit? I'd be going right by there. What time do you go to lunch? That would really be nice. I just have to be at the vet's in Pratttville by 5. I imagine, depending on traffic and construction, if I plan on 2 hours driving, in case the cat has problems, that should give me plenty of time.
I told my daughter that always goes to the mill for mulch about it being possibly no more ad she about stroked out. They live out in the county just a couple of miles from the mill.Let me know about Tues.

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Shana, Love the coral nymph salvia I got from, you. It is blooming its little heart out right now.

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There are plenty more if you want some others! I am glad you are enjoying them. I am enjoying all of the wonderful plants I was given!


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I will want some more in the spring. I planted it close to the house to see if it will make it through the winter. What part of town do you live in?

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I am sorry, I overlooked your post about Tuesday until tonight!

Greensprings is right before the UAB exit If you get off at the Oxmoor Road exit (the one just before Green Springs) and go right there is a meat and 3 place on the next corner named Paw Paw Patch, or to the left is a great hamburger place named Hamburger Heaven.

If you get this before you go and want to meet for lunch just call me. I usually go to lunch early, around 11, but am flexible. My work number is 443-7969. That is my direct line,if I don't answer leave a message and I will get right back with you. I will bring your salvia with me just in case.



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my family owns a small mulching bussiness in jasper alabama. we sell in bulk or by pick up truck load all colores of organic mulch. call 522 2292 and ask for prices

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