I can't believe this is actually all done!

Nigella(9a-steamy)November 26, 2005

Roger has worked like a dog for a couple of weeks during what's supposed to be his "off time" to help me get the greenhouses ready for winter. He has given things a lot of thought and this year I will be able to offer a couple of friends a bit of space if they need it. What a relief not to have so many potted plants in way too cramped a space. I don't think I'll lose many now!

I made this page so I can show off some of the neat stuff he's done, click on the thumbnail to get there:

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fernaly(z7 AL)

Margaret, amazing, simpley amazing.

How in the world to you keep them all watered. My greenhouse is so full, I have a really hard time getting everything watered and watered 'properly'. I have to drag the water hose in, and usually end up turning over and dumpping out more pots than I get watered.

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Thanks for the kind words, FernAly. I can pretty much stand on the top floor and aim the hose with a sprayer and get all the ones in the main part of the building. I also walk around with a watering can(ok, not a watering can, an old "Bouncer" pitcher from our nightclub(I miss it!!!!! I'd do that again in a heartbeat!)) and make sure they really all did get water.
I wouldn't consider dragging a hose around in there unless it were a dire situation. All my racks are wire shelves that we found on the side of the road, intended for the landfill, and wired together with artificial grapevines. I'd be afraid of tearing them up.

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Thats great Margeret.....now those potted children will be safe from old Jack Frost.Next year you may consider a watering system....I set mine up with a battery operated hose end timer(about $25)and a fine sprinkler head.Its works great and is a real time saver.I hope all of you are enjoying a nice holiday season and can put the terrible weather year behind us.Anyone who needs desert roses let me know..I'm still propogating them by the hundreds...Brian

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