Broken leg means big bucks for Autumn clean-up...

meadow_lark(7)November 10, 2005

IÂve been "out of commission" since Spring, due to a broken leg. My final cast came off today  and I am now in a boot-like cast with metal bars  which hopefully will come off on Dec. 22nd.

My gardens are a mess, because I couldnÂt work in them all summer. There are saplings, poison ivy, privet and all kinds of "unmentionables" throughout my beds.

IÂve gotten several quotes to cleanup and mulch  and I finally selected a small landscape company that I hope will do a very good job. They are charging $900. (Bids ranged from $700 - $1200.)

IÂm not sure if the price is good, but itÂs going to be 4  6 people working for two days The price includes labor, cleaning out numersous beds, digging up and removing two thick iris beds, mulching all of the beds and hauling away all of the debris.

I sure wish I had hired a service to keep up with things throughout the Summer, but I still would have had to pay big bucks IÂm sure I didnÂt know it would get this bad!

Gardening  not cheap when you canÂt do it yourself (or even  when you can!)

Meadow Lark

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Meadow Lark, I wondered why we had not heard from you in a while. Sorry to hear about your broken leg (sounds like a very serious break) and hope next year will be a better gardening year for you. And yes, things can get quite out of control in a matter of days around here, especially in the spring and early summer. It probably will be worth the investment now to be able to stop worrying about it and then to start with a clean slate when you're ready. Just think of all the fun you'll have planning in the meantime.
All the best,

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Hi Elaine!

I dropped a large landscape timber on it 2 Christmas' ago. I broke 4 toes, tore the achilles tendon, and the tendon that runs down the outside of the right ankle. The tendon pulled the bone away from itself. They treated me for 2 months, and released me. About every 3 - 4 months since the original injury, I would step down and feel "bone-on-bone". Then, this past spring, I felt the leg go again. I was put into a boot cast and sent on my way. I worked outside in the yard a little in the Spring, but I just couldn't get comfortable. Finally - I simply started staying inside and not walking on it.

Then - in July, I was walking to my car and the leg gave out. Back into the boot cast. It didn't get better. Finally my doctor sends me to a surgeon to have my "tendon re-attached". The surgeon looks at my films and says, "You've got a broken leg!" Sure enough - clearly on the films 2 years ago and on the new films - there's my broken tibia, clear as can be!

I had to go through tests for bone cancer and MRI's to try to find out "why" it didn't heal. The answer: Because they didn't immobilize it!

Anyway - After 10 weeks in a pretty fiberglass cast - the cast came off today, and I'm back in the boot cast until 12/22. Then they will allow me to walk without any support. If the tibia breaks again - I will need surgery to put plates in me leg.

What pains me the most about the whole situation? My gardens look AWFUL! LOL...

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alex_z7(7 AL)

You poor woman! I too wondered how you were, you were so quiet.

I hope your leg heals properly. Take care of yourself!! You've got months until spring, rest while you can, lol.

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tweetypye(z8/sc AL)

Ouch!!!! For your terrible situation with you leg, and also for your garden problems. I can sympathize with you about your garden, because my husband works away from home all the time, and for two years, I traveled with him, and my poor garden suffered badly. Of course I had someone cutting grass and doing a few things, but no one takes care of a garden like the gardener! I would come home for brief visits, and work the entire time in my garden. If my kids wanted to see Mom, they had to come to my home, and help me out in the garden! :) So, when I decided to call it quits on the traveling, I almost killed myself getting my garden back in shape. :)
My DH is still working away from home, and once in a while, he mentions me going with him again. But, he knows better than to keep insisting. This chick ain't going for from the nest any more! lol
I'm quite sure the money will be well spent, and you can get some much needed rest from you worry over your garden. Good luck with your leg, and keep us posted.

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I too am sorry to hear about your leg... as some one else said, you rest and let that leg heal. Thats a lot of bucks to spend, but does sound like a lot of work as well..... Good luck and keep us posted.


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Seamus(z7b AL)

Dear MeadowLark,

I am very sorry to hear about your leg...and understand the concern and frustration with your garden. But at least now you seem to be finally on the right track with healing both your leg and your garden. I had a similar experience 11 years ago when I broke both the tibia and fibula in my right leg. After playing with me for almost two days in the emergency room, they finally did surgery and placed a "nail" as they call it. A sword would be the more accurate term. After that was removed a year later (I could have kept it, but chose not to), I still felt unsteady walking; like I was stepping on jello or soggy ground. I kept telling this to my doctor who just brushed it off. When I finally insisted that he re-xray my foot and leg, he came back and said "you have the foot of an 80 yo woman!!" I was 36 at the time. I had severe osteopenia (not quite osteoporosis). Even then, he recommended no real treatment. Disgusted with him medically and professionally, I looked around myself and found a clinical study at UAB and enrolled. The trial was for Fosamax which I continue to take today. My main message to you today is just to ask if you have been checked for weak bones, osteopenia, or even full osteoporosis. It is really very hard to detect--usually until you have some accident like this.
My best wishes for your healthy & speedy recovery. Now just go easy on the Spring Catalog frenzy!

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Seamus, that is a great suggestion on the bone density test. It can happen to anyone, no matter what age or condition. Most insurance will pay for one every two years.
M.L. - that was a tough series of events to go through with your leg but I'm glad the docs finally got to the bottom of the problem. Good wishes for a speedy and full recovery. Just go out and supervise the folks doing the cleanup and maybe that will make you feel like you're doing something. Oh, and your garden probably doesn't look that much worse than everyone else's due to this drought that has turned everything crispy and the leaves that seem to be everywhere.

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As a follow-up to the bone density suggestion - I have a test yearly, given at my employment location. I have the densest bones of all of the females in my office. Apparently  the problem was that it couldnÂt heal. It would start to heal, and then about every 4 months  it would "re-fracture". Each time, more of the bone would "wear away". I will now have a permanent "slight" limpÂ

I just want it fixed! IÂve had it! LOLÂ

Thanks for listening (feels good to vent) and thank you for the well wishes... Meadow Lark

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topsiebeezelbub(z7 Al)

Geez, that's awful! So sorry to hear about a 2 year broken leg! My garden looks awful, too, and I have no excuse. Finally got the last tender plant in today and wrapped up what can't come in...this is the worst night of the year...first hard freeze...pooh. Rest up! Dr. Weil says we should live to be 120, so you've got plenty of gardening time to go!

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