where to buy compost

rayama(7b Birmingham, Al)November 21, 2006

I've got a new rose bed (so happy!) and I REALLY need a lot of compost for it. Is there anybody y'all would recommend, or NOT recommend?

If they could deliver a tiller at the same time as the compost, that would be lovely.

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First call the City of Trussville. Several years ago they dumped all of the leaves the city picked near a park. You went down Pine St. near the school and over the creek and up a hill. You could get all you want for free.

Same for Mt. Brook. They dumped all leaves in an area. I've never been there but some of the Botanical Gardens folks I used to know talked about it.

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grizz118(z7 AL)

Does anyone know if the city of Florence has compost? Or who I should contact there to find out. I have several beds to build and need to get a large quantity of compost.


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Lots of horse people in the Decatur area, not sure about the Shoals area.

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There is a guy in the B'ham area that makes compost. He has a website called captaincompost. You might want to try him. He sells it by the truck load or bag.

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captaincompost is very good at his trade and very, very expensive but worth it if you do not want to take the time to do your own or do not like shoveling poop or shredding leaves, loading cotton gin trash.

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