Good Ol' U.S. Post Office

tsmith2579(7B)November 24, 2005

I'm not bashing the USPS but I am somewhat amazed at the way they handle mail. Last summer I rooted 3 pieces of Confederate rose which I mailed by First Class mail to Sanger, Texas. Well, it took over a week to get there and the box had been broken open. The receiver said the plants inside were in bad condition and she could see them through the broken box. I sent them bu first class at the suggestion of her son who works for the USPS. Well, Monday I mailed some unrooted cuttings to her and they arrived on Wednesday. This is not the first time I've had similar experiences. I used to c0-edit a national flower club magazine. I could mail stuff to my co-editor and it took 5 days to get to Chattanooga. I could mail stuff the same day to the president in Indiana and he got it in 3 days. Is anyone a USPS employee and can you explain this mystery to me?

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fernaly(z7 AL)


I am a rural carrier and know exactly what you are talking about. I have asked many times about this and the only answer I get is: There has been a problem getting packages delivered to the south and west of Birmingham, for years. It's a Postal Mystery.

I have a flower trading friend in New Mexico, She can send me plants and they are here within two to three days. If I send her a box of plants, it almost always takes more than a week.

I don't know when you sent your rooted plants last summer but the hurricans could have been part of the delay.

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FernAly, thanks for the info. It is indeed a mystery. I think it is part of what I call the "Southern bias". You would think if there is a real problem with package delivery to the South, the USPS would work to resolve that problem. We Southerners are only important when it is election year or there is a war for us to send off our sons to. You know, red states, fly-over country, backwards, Tobacco Road-like, and all of those negative stereotypes. Even Jay Leno on politically correct NBC makes fun of us.

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I guess this is the part where I say I'm glad I live in North Alabama instead of LA (that's Lower Alabama for those of you who haven't been around here long). We moved to the country from Huntsville 6 years ago and I have to say our mail service has been even better than it was in Huntsville. We occasionally had mail problems in Huntsville like the ones you describe, but not where we live now. Our local postal delivery guy is just great. He goes above and beyond in my estimation, and I've let the postmistress know on several occasions. You are right about the "Southern bias" statements.

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All right, OMG. Someone sent in a complaint to the USPS using my name and address. While I appreciate the concern and it is OK, I just wish they had let me know in advance. I received a post card from the USPS yesterday saying they are investigating this.

I mailed two packages today. One to north central Georgia up near Lake Lanier and the other to Texas. The difference between parcel post and Priority mail to Ga. was 64 cents. I just can't figure that out because priority is SUPPOSED to get there in 3 days. That seems like so little to pay for the supposed service of 3 day delivery. BTW, you pay for 3 day delivery but it isn't guaranteed.

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fernaly(z7 AL)

I didn't do it! I didn't do it!

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