garden TV shows again...

tedevore(7b Al)December 5, 2008

Anybody else watching any of the recent garden TV shows lately?

I kind of like to catch one now and then to help get through the winter,

and get ideas sometimes.

Thers four different ones on Alabama public brodcasting on one of their

digital channels, so more than there used to be.

Not that y'all care, but heres my opinion of them, curious what y'all think.

First, I really like a show that comes on Georgia Pub. broadcasting (seems better than APT) called Gardening in Georgia, which you can watch (old episodes) on The information is all relevant to our climate, and Walter Reeves the host is pretty good & funny.

On APT I like both "Cultivationg Life" and the "Victory Garden", although I

miss the old host Roger Swain. Cultivating Life has some pretty clever crafty ideas that even I can do.

I could do without "P Allen Smiths Garden Home." Something about his manner and the way he keeps saying the same phrases about his "garden rooms" gets on my nerves.

Theres another one called "Garden Smart", but I don't usually see anything new or learn much from that one either.

Theres always good magazines and seed catalogs until spring, thank goodness.


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catbird(z7 AL)

Thanks for this information. Gardener's Diary on HGTV was always one of my favorites, but now that I'm retired I'm not up by 6:00 A.M. when it comes on and our VCR doesn't record any more. :-(

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It's hard to beat Gardening By The Yard, but it comes on so danged early! I like to sleep late on Sunday mornings. :)

HGTV should go ahead and change its name to HTV. Not much garden left there.

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It stands for Home & Garbage TV!
I deleted it from the lineup on my TV's, so that when I surf the channels. it no longer stops there.
They claim that no one wants to sponsor gardening shows anymore, at least that's their story!
It's all about money!

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But why does HGTV have the same shows over and over with different personalities and different show names? We have home improvement shows on Saturday morning, four in a row. We have "appraise my house" on Sunday morning. We have 4 or 5 interior design shows with different personalities. If we viewers would all get together and send HGTV an e-mail telling them we will not watch their DIY and design show and send an email to their sponsors telling them we are not going to watch HGTV or buy their products, we might get some results.

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I am also aggravated by the lack of gardening shows! The times they have them on are ridiculous. I made myself learn how to use our vcr just so I could catch them! I agree with the person who thinks P. Allen Smith is a farce. His shows are more about building that danged house and cooking segments that take up 1/2 the show. If he does have an interesting topic like say, rose propagation..he might spend 5 minutes on it!! Oh, and FYI, I just found out you can watch whole segments of Gardening by The Yard online. I love Paul James's show!

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It's not about to get any better. I read in today's paper about H-TV's new programs for January 2009.

"Paint Over! With Jennifer Bertrand"
"The Unsellables"
"Desperate To Buy"
"Income Property"
"The Property Shop"
"Dear Genevieve"

Why not just call it "The Real Estate Channel"? Makes me wish we could buy cable television à la carte. Channels like H-TV wouldn't survive very long.

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I definitely would like to see more imaginative gardening programs on TV. More about the doing part, and less about the decor of the garden. Maybe choosing plants compatible with each other and with your soil and climate.

With the economic downturn, the big concern is selling homes as much as it is about finding another job. So I don't see the program lineup changing much. I do get a lot of good ideas from HGTV which I hope will help us sell my hubby's home up in Massachusetts, one of these days after the market gets back on its feet. ....sigh....Meanwhile, I love gardening with tropicalesque plants in a hot climate.

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