Daffodils up already - again!

madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)December 17, 2012

Just like last year, my daffodls are already WAY up already! I hope it means another mild winter! Meanwhile, I am preparing for my winter sowing - the first round will be the last week of the year for seeds that need 3 months of stratification, like Ruellia.

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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

That's funny, just a couple of weeks ago I was driving into town and could swear I saw a Forsythia in full bloom up against someone's house! Made me do a double take.

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I think Forsythia will bloom anytime there's a few days of warm weather. Some pear trees are the same way. I've seen a few Forsythia blooms in the last week way up here in north Alabama.

I thought I saw some daffodils the other day, but they were only a couple of inches above ground so I wasn't sure.

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My paper whites are blooming and I have buds on others. I see others in different places in garden that is up 2 to 4 inchs. I also have one bloom on one of my small iris. I am in western B'ham. I didn't see any blooms on my yellow bells.


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squirrellypete(z7b AL)

wow, I didn't know that Sundog....I mean I knew you could force blooms if you cut a branch and bring them in with water but I don't think I've ever seen one blooming in a local garden in December before.

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I spend my working days either walking through yards or slowly driving past them, all over the south. Some plants seem to be impatient to grow, and will start to bud or bloom when given even the tiniest opportunity. They usually wind up suffering for it when the weather turns cold again.

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madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)

Yup, I have seen a paperwhite in full bloom myself! But today's weather ought to set them back a bit!

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I'm still betting on a cold, wet winter. I'd rather be wrong, but I think the squirrels at least agree with me; they were running full tilt all fall and even the dogwood berries are all gone now, and they seem to last until well into January most years.

It's the turn of the season for a lot of early spring plants, but winter is just arriving temperature-wise.

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catbird(z7 AL)

Haven't noticed the daffodils, but the paperwhites have been blooming for several weeks and the red quince is blooming.

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