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tedevore(7b Al)December 3, 2006

I came across the web site of an interesting org. that collects and distributes heirloom seeds. Some of you may know about it already, but I was impressed with how many heirloom tomato varieties they had. I always try a different kind along with the old better boy every year. They also have other vegetable and flower seeds.

On a different amusing note, I got a junk email yesterday from the Park's seed and plant company, and thought it was funny that they were advertising Mimosa trees for sale, "for a quick tropical feel and impact." As the this seems to take over parts of the South, its funny to wonder if anyone around here would buy one.

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hi steve,seedsavers is fascinating and i like their catalog also.i emailed parks to let them know that the mimosa is an invasive species here,as much as kudzu,no reply yet.

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This is another good seed site.

Here is a link that might be useful: Native seeds

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That reminds me that when I lived in Missouri my next door neighbor asked me if I wanted to plant some of the Kudzu seed she had bought to prevent errosion on the steep bank at the back of our lots.I managed to convince her not to plant them.
My next door neighbor here in Al. ordered some seeds for Hummingbird vines. When they came they were trumpet vines, which we used to call "Cow-itch" vines, her husband wouldn't let her plant them.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

SHAME on Park's! With the thousands of different kinds of seed and plants that they sell, you'd think that they could be responsible!

I can't believe that any company, today, would still be allowed to sell Kudzu seed. I'm pretty sure that it is illegal to sell plants or seed, to plant the stuff, transport it, etc. anywhere in the US. (It's a Federally classified noxious weed.) I DO remember seeing it for sale many years ago, though. Yikes!

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tedevore(7b Al)

Heres a link to that wonderful add that offers y'all your very own mimosa

Here is a link that might be useful: tree offer

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I don't think that Parks is selling kudzu, if that's what you thought, rhizo_1. But selling Mimosa and Empress trees is pretty downright despicable and they are definitely selling both of those.

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