Trouble Posting to GW, ANYONE?

tsmith2579(7B)December 12, 2005

My friend up near Tupelo is having problems posting to Gardenweb. He tells me, " can't post or write e-mail to anyone. I haven't done anything to be deleted that I know of. If I give my name and password it is accepted. The membership roster shows me as a member. I wrote in to a help situation and never did hear from them. I can't post anything so I can get help there. I have seen one or two having the same trouble." Has anyone else been experiencing GW problems? How did you resolve them?


Terry and Larry

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I checked both the Computer Help Forum and the Suggestions & Comments Forum and found no reference.
Maybe the folks on the Computer Help Forum can id the problem.

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Thanks, Terramadre. Larry reports that with your help and the help of other friends, he is back up and running. BTW, the Gardenweb folks (Tamara Amey) were very helpful, very friendly and responded to my emails quickly. Thanks everyone for your help.

Merry Christmas

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Yes, thanks to all I am back up and running. You won't know what you are missing until you can't correspond with your garden web friends. It resulted in a cookie problem. Thanks again and Merry Christmas to all. Larry

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Larry, I tried to email you at Terry's request and it came back saying that you weren't accepting mail from me!

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I'm ready to eliminate Garden Web from my Favorites -- it's too slow, too many problems trying to post something, and no indications it's going to get better. Too much advertising!!!

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Yes, Piers1326, it is a lot different since it changed hands. It is definitely slower, but some things are worth the wait. I think GW is one of them. I've met so many wonderful people, virtually and in real life. I've made so many wonderful trades and a few duds. I don't let the dud trades stop me from further trading and I don't let the "new" slowness discourage me from using GW. The rewards are still worth the wait.

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