HAVE: Henderson Topset

mark_fields(z6 MO)March 22, 2007

Each year I fall plant my onions and hold some back till spring to insure against winter die-out. This year there was almost no die-off despite the worst winter in recent decades. There are enough onions for the first 6 requests. Many of the onions are already sprouting,so they must be planted ASAP.

There will be no topsets with the onions, just the large onions, but I've noticed that spring planted onions tend to produce more topsets, so don't despair!

Oh, if you aren't familiar with the Henderson Topset, go to the photo gallery for more information.

Send me an email if you are interested.


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Mark, I would love to have some of your Henderson Topset onions. Are they seeds? I can send you an SASBE or you are welcome to check my list. I appreciate it! Lisa easttexasgirl

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