HAVE: Leeks - Ready to plant out

kcdupree(Z8 TX)April 9, 2010

I have a huge row of leeks I have just thinned out, and have lots that are ready to trade or for postage. I would rather have a trade.

I don't remember planting the seeds, but this row has been there for a couple of years now, and it's quite big.

Thought it was just garlic so never bothered with it. Once

I started pulling it out, knew right away it wasn't garlic.

Had it 99% identified through our county extension agent, and also through a man at umext.umass.edu If you want pictures, just email me, I will send them on as I don't know how to post pictures here.

I would want potato onions, walking onions, garlic,(not Elephant) Perennials, hosta's, would rather not have seeds, just plants.

These are ready to plant, so these trades need to be made, but if your part is not ready to ship, I will trust you to send your part when they are.

I can ship a box full for the $4.95 price and would want an equal trade in return.

Email me at kcdupree@iglide.net as I might not look here on the forum for a couple of days.



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darlene87(z7 Wa)

Did you ever get your walking onions? I have a lot if you did not get them. I have plants that were given to me, they said they were leeks. Does not look like the leek in the stores though. Has a big flower head on it, with small bulbs on the bottom that get offshoots. Does not smell like garlic. I have used some for cooking, so it is a food of some sort.
Let me know if you want some walking onions. I generally grow them in 2 nice pots, just as ornamentals.

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