HAVE: Tohono O'odham I'itoi's Onions

neohippie(8b)July 6, 2010

I got 10 bulbs of these multiplier onions last year from Native Seeds/SEARCH, and boy are they prolific! Each one turned into a great big clump of onions. They would probably be best as scallions because the mature bulbs are very small, about the size of garlic cloves.

They were grown by Native Americans in Arizona. I planted them last August and they grew throughout the winter. The tops died back in May when it started to get hot. I dug them up then, but you could probably leave them in the ground to let them re-grow in the same spot.

I will send you 10 bulbs either in exchange for something on my trade list or for a SASBE. Just send me a GW message.

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I'd love to have some of your onions but don't have anything on your want list. If you'd like to take a look at my haves and see if there is anything you'd like. I don't grow many veggies since the deer eat them all. They are even eating my hot peppers. Thanks, Nancy

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Hi, just wanted to let you know that I sent your package out Monday and yours arrived safely today. Please let me know if you received yours yet and if so how they weathered the trip.

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I was wondering if you still had this variety of onion and might be willing to do some trading. If so please let me know. I would also be willing to purchase a start if I were to have nothing you were interested in.

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sea_kangaroo(USDA 9, Sunset 15)

Hi 1791jr, I have a bunch of these onions. If you're still looking for some you can contact me through my GardenWeb page.

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sea-kangaroo if you still have th tohono onions and the babbingtongleeks please email me at jwalk52164@gmail.com

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