HAVE: Rakkyo

gardenlad(6b KY)July 21, 2005

I've had a great crop of Rakkyo this year, and have some to trade.

I'm particularly looking for Xian garlic. But make me an offer I can't refuse and I'll accept other named varieties.

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manure_queen(md 7)

If you still have some available I have some hardnecks I could swap

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Yes please, I would love some. I have:
Oinion Deviding Ultratough Cepa*
Onion 1015 yellow
Onion Ailsa Craig
Onion Bermuda Belle white
Onion Big Red*
Onion Big yellow*
Onion Copra
Onion Crimson Forest
Onion Deep Purple
Onion Deviding Brazos Valley Heirloom*
Onion Deviding Tough Productive Probably White Lisbon*
Onion Egyptian Walking
Onion Evergreen
Onion Evergreen Hardy
Onion Four Seasons
Onion Granex yellow Sweet
Onion He Shi Ko
Onion I'itois
Onion Ishikura
Onion Japanese Unknown
Onion Kuronobori
Onion Mass Producing Japanese
Onion Natsuguro
Onion Potato
Onion Red Beard
Onion S1 Productive Redskin Shallot
Onion Southern Belle Red
Onion Southport White
Onion Summer TS
Onion Superstar
Onion Sweet Spanish Contessa
Onion Tokyo Long White
Onion White Nebuka
Onion White Spear
Shallot Ambition
Shallot Armador
Shallot Bonilla
Shallot Matador
Shallot Mirage
Shallot Pinkish*
Shallot Prisma
Shallot Red*
Shallot Ultraproductive*
Shallot White*
Shallot yellow Skin*
Shallot from Dutch Valley Growers

*unnamed varieties

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Hi Brook,
Do you remember me? We had posted on this onion many months ago if not years after I read your article in MEN.. I was wondering if you had any of these left.. Bruce AKA Smitty

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