HAVE: Elephant & German Extra Hardy Garlic; Topsetting Onions

nwl_meAugust 18, 2008

I am currently looking to trade for good size bulbs of hardy porcelain-type garlics, such as Georgian Crystal, Leningrad, Rosewood, etc. I already have Music, Georgian Fire and German Extra Hardy. I am also looking for these specific non-porcelain-type garlics: Bogatyr, Siberian Red, Metechi, and Phillips. I am also looking for Heritage Sweet Topsetting Onions.


I have:

Garlic - German Extra Hardy (I only have a few extra bulbs, but I have a few hundred bulbil topsets, in case anyone is interested. These bulbils are small and take 2 years to form a nice bulb. I will trade 25 bulbils per 1 garlic or onion bulb.)


Garlic - Elephant (I have a few extra rounds, which usually grow into huge bulbs. I will trade 1 round or 2 good sized cloves per 1 garlic or onion bulb.)


Topsetting Onions - Welchville (These were found growing by the river in Welchville, ME. Unlike most topsetting onions, these will occasionally produce true seed. Not sure if these are the same species as other topsetting onions, though they appear to be. I have spent years selecting for the best taste, pest resistance and longest refrigerated shelf life. I haven't yet selected for size and color, so expect some variability, though most bulbs grow well over 1 inch in dia. if the scapes are cut off early like garlic. The color of the bulbs range from yellow to pink to purple. Both the bulbs and the marble-sized bulbils make excellent sweet pickled onions. I will trade 25 bulbils or 1 mature bulb per 1 garlic or onion bulb.)

Post a reply if you're interested, or send me an email through my member page. I may be slow to respond to emails, so if you do email me, please be patient.

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I've been gone from Gardenweb for a week. We've had flooding lately and it washed out the phone line. So, for anyone who has tried to email me, I'm sorry and I will try to get in contact with you shortly. I have a few hundred emails that I have to go through, which I will try to do in the next couple days.

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I sent you an e-mail

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