WANTED: Martin's Heirloom and Schumacher Garlic

acheck_wa(z7 WA)December 27, 2006

I have many seeds & plants in trade. I know it is late but I would like it try them. It is not too late in the NW as the ground is still workable.


Anton (acheck_WA)


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Hi, why don't you contact Martin himself, I'm sure he has some stuffed away..Just in time for spring planting..I don't think he recommends that but he's a world of advice.

Check this exchange for his page email.."Paquebot"
If you can't get his email address, email me, I'll send it to you..

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If it is the Schumacher Garlic that I think it is, and I've never seen another one so named, I have it. In fact, I helped rescue it. About 20 years I volunteered at an heirloom vegetable garden at Schumacher Farm Park in Waunakee, WI. There was an old garlic there, presumably from the original owner that had gone grassy. I took some, and grew it back to full size heads and returned it to the gardener there. It has been grown there ever since.

We had done workshops on garlic growing and use, and gave some of the garlic to participants, which is how
I assume it came to be on the internet. Well, an old gardener leaves, and a new one comes on, not knowing what they have. All the original Schumacher grown at the garden has been lost to time, but it still grows in my garden! Again, this past Fall I returned it to the garden and gardener where it will grow again next Spring. It is not the best keeping garlic, usually sprouting by the first of the year, but it has good flavor and I am part of it's provenance, so I maintain a planting stock.

It being November, my stock is all planted, and this being 6 years after your original post, if you would like to contact me in the summer, I would be happy to send you some of the original stock, with my compliments. You can contact me thru my page.


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I have some Martin's bulbils if you're interested. Please PM me with the seeds & plants you have for trade.


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