Down here they call 'em shallots

bigoledude(SE Louisiana)January 12, 2009

Here in SE Louisiana, just about everyone I know calls EVERY scallion-like onion "Shallots". I'm gonna buy some dry bulbs in what the feed-store owner calls simply "white or red shallots". These bulbs start to multiply rather quickly after planting. Do real shallots multiply?

We use the entire "green onion" to cook with. And, we use a lot of them in just about everything we cook. I don't know of anyone who uses the dry bulb to cook with.

I also have seed packets of an "Evergreen Bunching Onion". Will these multiply? Will these make dry bulbs like the "shallots? Do they taste the same?

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bloosquall(Wa 6)

hey Big,

Yes shallots do multiply, I'm not exactly sure what happens underground but I do know that I should have 500 of them this summer after planting 104 last fall. I don't know anything about onions.

bloosqualls garlic farm

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shebear(z8 NCentralTex)

Evergreen bunching onions are like those green onions you find in bunches in the supermarket. Sometimes they're called scallions. Shallots are like garlic but the bulbs are bigger. They make a bulb that's divided into cloves. Then there are pearl onions....they develop small bulbs that get a paper skin. And finally there are potato onions. They multiply into small round groups of onions and have a papery skin.

Oh I forgot, there are Egyptian walking onions too. Sometimes called topset or walking onions. They look like potato onions but they grow baby onions on top of the green stalks.

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The evergreen hardy bunching onions should divide in the spring once they have overwintered for one season. That's my understanding anyway- I haven't had a chance to grow them yet, but I have ordered the seeds for this year.

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