Which are best and most digestible leeks for Zone 6??

mombay(6)January 14, 2013

I want to start growing leeks this year. Can anyone advise which seeds or plants would be best in my area where it can get very warm. I am also interested in the easy to digest varieties and ones that grow medium to large size.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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mombay Basically there are two types of leeks for you. The first ones come to maturity in relatively few days and are ready in the summer. These don't take winter cold well. The others take more time to maturity and are ready in September-October through the winter until spring. I would assume they all digest the same.Leeks take the heat well, but don't grow much until it cools off and like rainy weather.Early season varieties Varna,King Richard, Columbus,Rival. Mid-season Lancelot. Late season Durabel,American Flag,Giant Musselburgh.

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As a new leek grower, you will probably be happiest with the early summer leeks like King Richard. They grow to be maybe the size of a big green onion, but are very mild. They will grow bigger, but will split or do other weird things when left in the ground too long.

To grow the big winter leeks you'll need to keep them happy all summer and then make them think they are growing in rich muck in the fall. I've never gotten them to more than an inch in diameter. On the other hand, in mild winter climates you can grow them through winter with only a mulch, and have pretty nice little leeks in spring.

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qbush(6, NE MA)

I am another new leek grower. I have had no luck with starting leek seed, so this year I ordered plants, Lancelot, from Territorial. They looked very decrepit when I planted them, but slowly they improved, and I have had a nice harvest. Actually they are still being harvested. I pulled a bunch and left covered in the greenhouse, and the put the rest under Agribon in the rows.

I have found them all to be mild in flavor. BUT: How much does standing in cold weather affect the flavor? We had a hot summer, and late mild frosts, very little snow, and some bitterly cold weather followed by warmer temps.

Would Musselburgh hold better through the winter in the ground? The last couple years we have had very mild winters, and I am thinking of a tunnel to protect some produce from a real New England winter, when we get one...

I am going to make soup today, and will report back about condition and flavor.

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